How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger


Living in a cramped room could be stressful, whether it’s a student dorm or a small apartment. Thankfully, there are easy and guaranteed ways to make a small room look bigger. There are certainly advantages in living in smaller spaces. It’s easier to clean and maintain. However, you might feel just a little too tight.

Don’t worry because these tricks will create the perfect illusion that your space is bigger and give you a feeling of freedom. These solutions are practical and they work like a charm. You just need to make some compromises in decorating, some adjustments and choose the right type of design for your furniture. It’s all a matter of function and style. It’s choosing the right colors and making the most of the items you intend to put inside your room or small space.


Before you decorate your space or choose the proper furniture, there are certain things you need to do first.

  • Clean the Clutter

    First of all, you need to throw away everything that you don’t need in order to make a small room look bigger. That means everything. Inspect your collections and take note of items that are redundant in function. If you only need one of them, get rid of the others.

  • Remove Blocks

    You’re going to have to check the walkways and doors. Remove furniture and other items that cramp walkways. This will open up more space and create a wider feel. Remember the things you removed and don’t put other items in those places again once you start arranging furniture.

Steps to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Once you’ve taken care of the clutter and opened the important spaces, it’s time to choose the right items and decorate your room to make a small room look bigger.

  • Paint the Ceiling

    Starting from the top, the first step to make a small room look bigger is to paint the ceiling or put some wallpaper on it. This will help make the room appear taller. It draws the eyes upwards so the room feels bigger.

  • Choose Light Colors

    When painting or choosing wallpapers for your walls and floors, choose light colors to make a small room look bigger. Darker colors are great to make a room feel cozy but they tend to absorb more light so the room feels smaller. Dark colors are more suitable for larger spaces. Pick light colors on your flooring as well as your walls. This will make the room feel airy.

    Additionally, it’s better to use a monochromatic scheme instead of splashing the room with too many colors. Choose colors that are of the same hues or color family.

  • Drapes and Curtains

    When you add drapes and curtains for your windows, choose the same color or hues as your walls. You can also use sheer drapes to make a small room look bigger.

  • Let Natural Light In

    You can use the natural light from the sun to create a more spacious feel to your room. Small spaces look larger if they are well-lit. Don’t use heavy drapes and open the windows as much as you can to create more space. You can also add more lamps or recessed lighting.

  • Hidden Storage and Functional Furniture

    Today, there are lots of manufacturers that create furniture that is multifunction. You may want to choose a coffee table or desk that opens up and allows you to store items inside. Similar types of beds, sofas, and other furniture also exist.

  • Mirrors

    Reflective surfaces like mirrors will make a small room look bigger. Add a large framed mirror on a wall or on a stand. The reflection creates the illusion that there is more space on the other side. It also reflects the light which gives a more open feeling. You can also top a coffee table with a piece of plate mirror.

    An additional trick here is to place these mirrors strategically to create the optimal effect. Place a mirror across a window to reflect natural light. You can also put one behind a chest or end table for a classy look while making the room appear larger.

  • Use Stripes

    When adding a carpet or other additional items in the room, choose those with vertical stripes to make your room appear longer. This is the same concept in clothing to make someone look taller and thinner. Orient the stripes to the direction of the room that is longer to create the best effect.

  • Clear Shower Curtains

    For small bathrooms, you create a larger room effect by choosing clear shower curtains instead of colored ones.

  • Dramatic Art Pieces

    Instead of small wall hangings, decorate your walls with large and bold art pieces like paintings to make a small room look bigger.

Choosing Furniture

There are specific types of furniture that help in making your space look bigger.

  • Raised Legs

    Choose sofas and armchairs that are raised on the legs to create a sense of more light and space. That means choosing furniture that has exposed legs instead of those that are covered.

  • Larger Pieces

    Instead of several small chairs, choose one large furniture or couch. One large item instead of small pieces decrease the look of clutter and is a great way to make a small room look bigger.

  • Glass Items

    Glass furniture is also great for creating more space. They are modern and they don’t take too much visual space in your room. The concept is similar to adding a mirror. It allows more light to come in.

Be creative when decorating your room and choosing items to make a small room look bigger. Experiment and try which ones work best. The important thing is to remember the concepts behind the tips listed above. For example, more light means more spacious feeling so create or let in as much light as possible. Lighter colors are always better, so follow this concept not only for the walls but for other items as well. Clutter is bad so it’s better to have one large item instead of multiple smaller pieces.