How to Make A Smoothie


Smoothies are great refreshing snacks but can also be healthy substitutes for meals and if you’re not very experienced in how to make a smoothie, this guide will help you. They’re actually very easy to make and you only need a few basic ingredients to get started. Of course, you can always experiment and add your own unique flavors.

You can use different fruits and sometimes, vegetables when you’re learning how to make a smoothie. You will be surprised on some of the unusual recipes that are actually quite delicious. Take a look at this list of the healthiest smoothies of all time.

Choosing Your Fruits

The first step on making delicious fruit smoothies is choosing the right fruits. Each fruit has different health benefits and a simple combination of them can be very powerful to give you the energy boost that you need, help you detox, and more. Here are just a few examples.

  • Berries

    Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are great ingredients. They’re a great initial fruits to try when learning how to make a smoothie. Berries have antioxidants that can enhance your memory. They also have anti cancer properties. Here are the other body benefits of berries.

  • Mango

    Mangoes add a great tangy and sweet taste to your smoothie. They’re good to keep in mind as you advance in learning how to make a smoothie. Mangoes help clear your skin, lower cholesterol, and improve digestion.

  • Papaya

    Papaya is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants like carotenes and flavonoids. It’s a great source of fiber and minerals such as magnesium.

  • Ripe Banana

    Ripe bananas are great to combine with other fruits. They contain potassium as well as vitamin C, B-6, Manganese, and fiber among others.

  • Kiwi

    Kiwi is a popular mix in most smoothies. It’s full of nutrients like vitamin E, folate, and potassium. They’re a good source of fiber and have lots of antioxidants.

Other fruits you can use that are great to combine to create power smoothies are pineapples, melons, cherries, peaches, and nectarines. You can even add Mandarin oranges. But those are just very few examples. You can always research and add your own twist according to your taste and preferences, and health needs. If you haven’t heard of it, these are the 10 most exotic fruits you should try.

How to Make A Smoothie

So how do you actually make the smoothie? It’s very simple when you the preparations and the main steps.

  • Prepare the Fruits

    You can use either frozen fruits or not. Again, you can stick to one flavor or do a combination of a number of fruits. Cut them in smaller pieces.

  • Prepare Your Blender

    You can use either a blender or food processor. Blenders work best because you can achieve smoother consistency. When using a food processor, add less liquid to prevent leaks. Make sure that your blender is clean and has been thoroughly washed. This is an essential tip on how to make a smoothie.

  • Add the Liquid

    Add a cup of any kind of fruit juice, milk, yogurt, soymilk or water. Then add 1 cup of frozen yogurt.

  • Add Additional Ingredients

    You can put protein powder, spices, or some greens if you want to make it very healthy. You can try celery or beetroot. You can also add a sweetener which is optional. This will make you a pro on your way to mastering how to make a smoothie.

  • Ice Cubes

    This is also optional. If you want it to be extra refreshing, you can add some ice cubes to your smoothie.

  • Blend

    Once the fruits and other ingredients are all in place, cover the blender with the lid and turn it on. It’s best to set it to medium. Once it starts blending everything, you can increase the setting.

  • Let Set

    When it’s finished blending, let it set for about a minute. Taste your smoothie before serving it. If you’re happy, pour it into a clean glass and enjoy!

Now that you know how to make a smoothie, you can experiment and master the techniques to make healthier and tastier drinks. If you want to splurge and treat your taste buds to great food on your cheat day, here are the top 10 most luxurious foods in the world.