How to Make an Omelet


Eggs are great breakfast foods and there are so many ways to cook them but if you’re particularly interested in how to make an omelet, consider this your guide to perfection. Eggs are nutritious and omelets, with an addition of a few more healthier ingredients, become a powerful food to give you energy and strength throughout the day.

They are considered power foods on their own. Here are some egg nutrition facts to keep in mind. If you also like boiled eggs, there are many ways to cook them, too and one of them is by using an electric cooker. These are the top 10 best electric egg cookers. Eggs are also great food for babies and you can use food processor to make baby food out of them. Here are the top 10 best baby food processors.


These are some of the things that you will need when learning how to make an omelet. As usual, you can make it your own and add your own ingredients depending on your taste and preferences.

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoon water
  • A dash of pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • Fillings/ toppings

Other things you can add to the mix are maybe some milk and celery. You have the option to use skim milk, soy milk or whichever you prefer depending on if you have certain food allergies or not.

How to Make an Omelet

To make the perfect omelet, you just need a few ingredients and some handy tips off your sleeves.

  • Toppings

    First, prepare all the toppings or fillings that you would like to add to your omelet. You can be creative here and make it as nutritious as you want. You can add pre-cook meats, vegetables, cheese, tomatoes and more. Here are some inspiring omelet filling ideas.

  • Add Water

    When your fillings are ready, beat two eggs and add a splash of water. Water is a secret in how to make an omelet because it will make your omelet fluffy and light. Whisk this mixture with a fork or a whisker until well blended.

  • Heat Skillet

    Use a nonstick pan or skillet and heat it. Put some butter to coat the pan. You will know when it’s time to put the mixture when the foam from the butter subsides. A good nonstick skillet or pan is also an important investment in how to make an omelet. You can’t make the perfect omelet if the egg sticks onto your pan.

  • Scramble

    You can now add the egg mixture into the pan. Let the egg set a little then gently scramble it with a spatula.

  • Add Toppings

    While the egg is still a little soft on the inside, start adding your toppings. The egg will continue cooking as you do.

  • Fold

    An essential part in how to make an omelet is folding it. Fold one side of the omelet. The other side will also fold over when you tilt the omelet onto your plate.

  • Flip

    When you’ve folded the other side, tilt your skillet so the omelet falls onto the plate fold-side down. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

You’ve now learned the basics on how to make an omelet. All you have to do is to revise it and make your own version.