How to Minimize Pores


Having large pores can be embarrassing. They won’t just make your skin look dull and uneven but they can also cause acne, blackheads, and excessive sebum production. If you’re aspiring to have clear and flawless skin, those things can make it hard for you to achieve your goal.

The good news is that there are things you can do and products you can apply to shrink your pores. Although most remedies for enlarged pores don’t work overnight, they can dramatically change the size of your pores as long as you commit to them.

Now, before we get to the remedies, let’s get to know the real reason why you have such big pores.

What Causes Large Pores

Genetics is one of the main reasons why you have large pores. If your mother or your father has them, there’s a good chance that you’ll have the same pore size as well.

Take note, however, that although genetics play a huge role in the size of your pores, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have large pores right away just because your parents have them. There are factors that can affect their size.

Sun exposure is one good example. As you get exposed to the sun, the collagen in your skin starts to break down, causing your skin to get pulled and your pores to get large. The presence of dirt and excess oil can also cause large pores. The more impurities you have inside them, the more stretched out they’ll be.

Another factor to consider is aging. As people start to age, they lose the elasticity in their skin. This causes the skin to stretch and sag, elongating the pores and increasing their size.

Can You Really Shrink Your Pores?

The short answer is yes. But there’s a catch.

Making your pores smaller won’t be an easy job. You have to commit and really stick to a proper skin care routine.

Now, you’re probably wondering how exactly can you shrink your pores. Let’s get to the steps.

  • Wash Your Face

    This one is pretty obvious if you think about it.

    Since impurities, like oil and dirt, can stretch out your pores, you have to make sure that your pores stay clog-free. One of the best ways to do that is by washing your face, particularly if you wear makeup.

    Ideally, you should wash your face twice a day. You need to cleanse it in the morning to make sure no dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria that have accumulated overnight get transferred to your pores. At night, you need to wash your face to ensure that no dirt, makeup residues, and excess oil get trapped in your pores.

    If you wear makeup products, it’s a good idea to use a makeup remover first. Choose an oil-based remover if you’re wearing waterproof makeup. Micellar water works well, too.

  • Use A Toner

    A lot of people forego toners just because they think they’re not necessary. In reality, however, toners are a must-have if you have large pores.

    Toners pick up any dirt and impurities your cleanser may have missed. Depending on the ingredients, a toner can also treat acne, prevent blackheads, and control excess sebum production.

  • Choose Non-Comedogenic Makeup Products

    The products that are meant to help you achieve flawless skin can be the exact products that can cause your skin imperfections. So, in choosing your makeup, make sure to pay close attention to its ingredients and formula. As much as possible, choose non-comedogenic products. If you aren’t sure, check a product’s ingredients.

    Some of the ingredients you need to watch out for include:

    Ethylhexyl Palmitate
    Acetylated Lanolin
    D & C Red
    Isopropyl Palmitate

  • Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is one of nature’s greatest toners. It can cleanse your pores, remove whiteheads and blackheads, and get rid of thickened oils. Apart from that, ACV can also restore your skin’s pH, tighten your skin, and fight acne-causing bacteria.

    For this remedy, you can mix equal amounts of water and ACV. Soak a piece of cotton ball, dip it into the ACV mixture and apply on your skin like a toner. Do this every night after cleansing and you should be able to see a difference in your pore size in just weeks.

  • Wear Your Sunscreen

    Since sun exposure is one of the reasons why pores get large, it’s important that you avoid getting outdoors without protection. Wear your sunscreen at least 10 to 30 minutes before stepping outside. Apply it on all exposed areas of your body. Remember to reapply it every 2 to 4 hours to ensure continuous protection.

  • Exfoliate With Baking Soda

    Exfoliation is a key step in your skincare routine you shouldn’t miss if you want to shrink your pores. By exfoliating, you’re getting rid of the dead skin cells that can clog and enlarge your pores.

    There are a couple of products you can use but one of the most effective exfoliators is baking soda. Plus, it’s really cheap, too. You can easily buy it from your local grocery store.

    To use baking soda, you only need to take 2 tablespoons of it and combine it with lukewarm water and mix until you get a paste-like consistency. Spread the mixture on your skin and massage using gentle, circular motions for a few seconds. Pay close attention to areas where you have lots of blackheads as baking soda helps with that, too.

    Rinse off the mixture completely and pat the skin dry. Make sure to apply a water-based moisturizer after. Initially, you may want to do this every day. After a week, you can reduce the frequency of use to 3 to 4 times a week for a few weeks.

  • Apply Yogurt

    Believe it or not, yogurt helps with enlarged pores. They are great in removing impurities and blemishes as well because of its lactic acid content. Just make sure to use unsweetened and unflavored fresh yogurt for this remedy.

    Apply the yogurt on your face before you shower. Leave it on for about 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off. You can repeat this for 3 to 4 times a week for about a month to get the best results.