Why Do People Have Eyebrows


The human body is fascinating. Our face alone has various parts that are not exactly clear in their functions. Eyebrows are significant aspects of humans’ appearance. They are one of the most distinctive features that make someone’s face unique. Some people, mostly women, pay more attention to them than others. But why do people have eyebrows?

Humans evolved from various ancestors. In this process of evolution, human body hairs and facial hairs have diminished over time. However, eyelashes and eyebrows remain to be a core part of humans’ facial features.

You can consider them as your foremost eye accessories. Women usually wax, tweeze, and even dye them to change or enhance their appearances. This is how to do your eyebrows. Which brings the question why do people have eyebrows? Are they just for aesthetics? Or do they have more important functions? The short answer is, of course, they do!

Eyebrows protect your eyes. Their shape can channel or redirect sweat, rain, and moisture away from your eyeballs to protect your vision. We will discuss its other functions in detail. They also play a major role in nonverbal communication because they can express different emotions like happiness, surprise, and anger.

What Makes Eyebrows Stand Out?

Another interesting question about eyebrows aside from why do people have eyebrows, is that they often stand out but why? You may be able to distinguish one person just from their eyebrows alone.

Eyebrows act as an ID card. They stand out on a person’s forehead and you can see them clearly from a distance. They don’t change over time so they help in identifying people. In a study, people were given pictures with the eyebrows cut off and the participants had more trouble identifying the person in the picture.

So, if you ever come to a point where you need to go undercover, don’t bother putting on sunglasses. Shave your eyebrows instead and people will have trouble telling who you are.

Functions of Eyebrows

There are several important functions that your eyebrows perform and they’re more important than you think.

  • Move Moisture Away

    Your eyebrows move moisture and other wet substances away from your eyes when they fall from your head. Their curved area along with the delicate hairs above your eyes can channel moisture like sweat and rain away from your eyes. This helps protect your vision and keep it clear. The particular shape and direction of the hairs on your brows allow moisture to flow sideways and go around your eyes instead of going inside. The moisture moves to the side of your head.

  • Block Out Light

    Why do people have eyebrows? They play an important role in blocking out light and they also filter dust along with dirt that may fall into your eyes. Another layer of protection for your sensitive senses.

  • Human Communication

    As mentioned, why do people have eyebrows, is because they contribute to how humans communicate. They play an important role in a person’s facial expression. Eyebrows can better show how a person is feeling, whether they are happy, surprised, or angry.

Take note that certain skin conditions like dandruff can also affect the eyebrows.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Another noticeable feature of the human face is the eyelashes. They work hand-in-hand with your eyebrows. This is a great additional information when you’re trying to learn more about why do people have eyebrows.

Your lashes are a bunch of hair that grows on the edge of your eyelids. You have lashes above and below your eyes. Eyelashes prevent irritation and act like human whiskers. They catch dust and protect your eyes from debris that can obstruct your vision. These dust and dirt can also cause eye infections or injury. They work like human whiskers because of they sensor objects that come close to your eyes that could be harmful. Examples of these are insects and your lashes trigger a reflex action to your eyes that make you blink.

Eyelashes are a unique type of body hair. If you have healthy lashes, they would never go gray. Lashes are among the shortest hairs on your body but they have a longer lifespan. They act as filters for your eyes along with your eyebrows. Eyelashes also reduce tear evaporation so they help keep your eyes lubricated.

Cosmetic Enhancements to Eyebrows and Eyelashes

As trends evolve, people especially women tend to want to undergo certain cosmetic procedures to enhance their eyebrows and eyelashes. You should be careful before considering doing any of these procedures.

Lately, tinting eyebrows, as well as eyelashes, has become quite popular. It might look cool if your eyebrows and lashes have a unique color or you may want to tint them to match the new artificial color of your hair.

This procedure is not regulated by the FDA or the US Food and Drug Administration. As such, experts warn that having your eyebrows and eyelashes tinted can pose risks. The use of Latisse or Bimatropost on these procedures can have undesirable effects. These chemicals are a type of drug that is used for glaucoma and is used to lengthen and thicken eyelashes.

Other Reasons as to Why Do People Have Eyebrows

Eyebrows obviously serve lots of functions to humans. They also play an important role in today’s culture not only in beauty but also in nonverbal communication, having a distinctive appearance, and of course, they serve as protection.

Why did humans keep that little bit of hair over the eyes even as we lost most of the thick body hairs as we evolved?

There isn’t an exact clear explanation why. But scientists know that eyebrows help keep moisture away from the eyes when people sweat or walk in the rain. It’s also very important when you’re shampooing your hair. Imagine not having eyebrows and having the soap get in your eyes. Their curved shape helps keep your eyes relatively dry and at the same time, sufficiently hydrated.

The most obvious advantage of eyebrows is that it lets you see clearly. Without eyebrows, it might be more difficult to get around certain conditions.