The 10 Best Qualities of a Good Husband


We all have a general idea about how the person we’re going to marry should be like, but often enough reality strikes hard and we’re stuck with partners we aren’t entirely compatible with. This being said, the very idea that our life partners should possess perfect qualities is as far-fetched as the idea that there perfect people out there, because there aren’t. Most of the time, we develop relationships based on attraction and trust, which are the only real qualities that matter in a relationship after all is said and done.

You see, an awful lot of women spend their younger years waiting for Prince Charming to come on a white horse and sweep them off their feet, and it is because of this idealistic outlook on relationships that most of these relationships fail. After extensive research, we’ve managed to find out what the ten best qualities of a good husband should be.

10He Shares Your Hobbies

Any husband that takes the time to learn more about the things you like is a good husband. Whether we’re talking about shopping, jogging, reading, or gaming, as long as they show an active interest into your hobbies, your marriage is on the right path. By doing so, they’re showing you how much they enjoy spending time with you, even if it means learning new things that don’t really appeal to them that much.