Top 10 Air Forces in the World


Air forces have come a long way since the first dogfights of World War I, and every nation looking to project its power on a global stage requires a strong air force. A powerful air force can also ensure that a country will be able to protect its borders in a timely fashion if a threat ever arises to endanger them.

In the absence of major conflicts between nations, most air forces perform humanitarian missions as often as needed, yet the importance of a strong air force is recognized by most nations these days, given how much countries still spend on aircraft maintenance and development. After careful research and consideration, we have put together a list of the top 10 most powerful air forces on the planet.

10Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, Japan

Considering that Japan is an island-nation surrounded by sea, their Air Self-Defense Force is a major arm of their armed forces. Something that distinguishes their Air Force from the norm, is the fact that Japan’s military has a defense-only policy hence the JASDF serves the primary purpose of defending Japan and supporting their land and naval forces. Last year, the JASDF consisted of more than 500 combat aircraft units, such as the F-22 Raptors and B-1 and other “B-” series bombers.