Top 10 Animals With The Longest Lifespan


Most people are happy if they live until their 80s or 90s and would consider any life longer than that to be exceptional. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives on a daily basis, we can expect that future generations will have a much longer life span. Seeing how most cats and dogs won’t live more than twenty years, people usually outlive most of their pets.

There are, however, many creatures on our planet who live a lot longer than humans, and most of them couldn’t be kept as pets. So let us take a look at ten of the longest living animals in the world and see which one could we be most jealous of in terms of life span.

10Macaw – 100 years

This colorful bird can be found in countries from Central and South America, but also in certain areas from the Caribbean. The average life span of most macaws is around 70 years, although there have been documented cases in which macaws lived a lot longer. For instance, the oldest macaw who has ever lived was a blue and yellow macaw called Charlie who died at the age of 111.