Top 10 Best 80’s Rock Bands


The 80’s were a magical time for music and TV alike, a time when extravagant characters graced the screen like never before in history. In fact, the whole entertainment industry went through a veritable renaissance both culturally and creatively, casting shadows that have shaped show business into what it is today.

It was 80’s rock bands that transformed emerging new genres into art and you need only to hear some of the hits of those times to understand just how much of an impact 80’s music had not only on the development of new genres but on society as a whole. It would perhaps be best to remind ourselves of some of the best 80’s rock bands as they are undoubtedly the reason why today’s music sounds the way it does.


As a band, Journey was active between 1989 and 1987, putting out some truly amazing albums throughout the years. Their album ‘Escape’ for instance, became #1 on Billboard 200 in record time. The album contained ‘Open Arms’ which is without a doubt, one of the most famous songs ever made. Their music was guitar oriented hard rock with a blend of vocal pop, a genre that immediately caught people’s attention and brought them huge success.