Top 10 Best AB Wheels of 2017 – Reviews


We all know that six packs don’t just happen without a lot of effort and hard work, which is why it is important to always train with the right gear. When it comes to perfect abs, you need the type of gear that makes it easier for you to focus on your workouts without having to meddle with the weights constantly. This is precisely why Ab Wheels were invented in the first place and it makes sense for them to be as popular as they are.

Quality AB Wheels allow to push yourself to the limit while still being relatively easy to manipulate, store, and carry around. So to give you a better idea about what to look for when looking for high-end Ab gear, we put together a list of the ten best AB Wheels on the market today.

10Maximiza Ab Wheel

amazon buttonDesigned to tone and strengthen abs while helping you build a strong tight core underneath, the Maximiza Ab Wheel is among the most basic Wheels money can buy. It also benefits from a portable construction that makes it easy to assemble, thus easing its transport considerably. Furthermore, this wheel si made from lightweight materials to enable you to carry it around when traveling or when you want to work out away from home.

9CSX Ab Roller Wheel

amazon buttonThe CSX Ab Roller Wheel features a stylish smooth running dual matt black plastic construction with a metal axle, a design that ensures its durability regardless of how intensely it is used. With Ab wheels, you always have to look for how maneuverable they are because it is perhaps the most important feature such a tool can have. With the CSX Ab Roller Wheel, you have the certainty that it will help you tone your abs, back, and shoulder muscles while still being relatively easy to manipulate.

8SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer

amazon buttonBuilt to enhance traditional plank and push-up exercises, this particular Ab wheel from SKLZ is definitely the one to use if you’re looking for versatility. We say this because it can also be used when training shoulder muscles, the torso, the hips, and a variety of other muscles. This set contains a set of two wheels that you can use either together or individually with the same results, mostly as a result of how well-built they are.

7Lifeline Power Wheel

amazon buttonIt may look futuristic and high-tech, but we assure you that Lifeline’s Power Wheel is very easy to use. This particular Ab wheel is perfect for a variety of motion-based exercises, mostly due to its comfortable, soft foam grip and its smooth rolling wheel. It also features a foot pedal intended to provide an intense and versatile workout, a versatility it owes to its secure straps and stirrups.

6URBNFit Ab Roller

amazon buttonThis abdominal exercise toning wheel from URBNFit is designed to help you build muscle and sculpt your upper and lower abdominals as quickly as possible. This interesting wheel actually uses a design containing two wheels of the same size, a design that provides a much greater stability. These wheels benefit from a traction tread to prevent sliding, comfort grip handles for greater maneuverability, and a strong metal shaft for durability.

5Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

amazon buttonPerfect for all fitness levels of exercising, the Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System is perhaps the most odd-looking Ab Wheel on the market. Even so, the tremendous benefits it provides when it comes to exercising upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and even lower back muscles, is unmatched. As for the actual machine, it features a durable steel coil to provide good resistance when controlled, rubberized pro-grip handles to minimize hand fatigue and an overall maneuverable construction.

4Wacces AB Power Wheel

amazon buttonAffordable and popular, this particular Ab wheel may not be the most advanced on the market but it is definitely one of the easiest to use. it features a simplistic design that boasts a very comfortable rubber grip along with a plastic coverage that makes it easy to transport and store. Furthermore, it has to be said that Wacces has been making these wheels for quite some time now, which is why you can expect newer models to have an even better grip.

3Ab Wheel Roller Pro

amazon buttonMade by Elite Sportz Equipment, a manufacturer that enjoys quite a bit of popularity, the Ab Wheel Roller Pro isn’t your usual Ab Wheel by any means. We say this because it is a very versatile roller that you can use for a variety of exercises, not just abdomen-related ones. For this purpose, the kit features two wheels that ensure its stability when used, along with ergonomic handles for a better grip , and a surprisingly lightweight construction.


amazon buttonEquipped with two non-skid wheels for added stability and easy-grip handles to prevent slippage, Valeo’s Ab wheel is among the most simplistic, yet most efficient money can buy. Speaking of which, the main reason why this particular Ab wheel is so popular has to be the price. It is an affordable, yet very effective Ab wheel that requires little to no prior setup before the workout. For this purpose, it boasts a fairly basic design that makes it comfortable to use and easy to carry around when needed.

1Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

amazon buttonThis high-end Ab wheel from Perfect Fitness is without a doubt, the most advanced Ab wheel on the market today. It uses a Kinetic engine with a carbon steel spring turbo-charger designed to maximize the benefits of abdominal and arm workouts. It also features a large wheel designed to stabilize movement when rolling in any direction, a wheel that benefits from rubberized, non-slip ergonomic grips on each side for greater stability. Last but not least, it features a foam knee pad intended to provide superior comfort when performing lower-body exercises.