Top 10 Best Aftershaves for Men of 2017 – Reviews


In the old days, barbers used to slap men’s faces with antiseptic after shaving them to protect against bacterial infections. Usually involving alcohol, this antiseptic was used to cleanse wounds and close the pores, thus protecting the skin from any damage that would result from possible cuts and nicks. Nowadays, aftershave acts not only as an antiseptic but as a moisturizer and fragrance as well.

While older aftershaves contained up to 90% alcohol that would damage the skin after repeated use, most aftershaves today contain a multitude of waxes and natural oils to moisturize the skin while keeping it healthy and clean. But even among them, some aftershaves are better than others. So let us then find out what are the ten best aftershaves on the market today.

10Grooming Lounge Best for Last Aftershave

amazon buttonDesigned to calm and refresh even the most sensitive skin, this particular aftershave will not irritate your skin in any way. It is a non-greasy and sting free aftershave that uses a special balm to moisturize the skin. This balm contains olibanum, almond oil, lavender, and a series of other substances that will smoothen and revitalize your skin while protecting it against post-shave irritation.

9Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Aftershave

amazon buttonMade using a combination of sunflower and coconut oils that hydrate and nourish the skin at the same time, the Natural Skin Care Aftershave from Burt’s Bees is bound to look after your sensitive skin like no other. This aftershave is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any greasy substances whatsoever. It does, however, contain a rich dose of vitamin E that gives your skin a fresh, cooling feeling after shaving.

8Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men

amazon buttonBaby Rum Aftershave Splash for Men awakes is formulated to moisturize, refresh, and at the same time tone your skin while smoothening it at the same time. It can do this thanks to the many all-natural oils and extracts in its composition, a blend that awakens your senses with a crisp burn after shaving. Furthermore, baby rum is one of the oldest recorded aftershave scents, which means that you’ll be left with an old-fashioned, manly scent on your face that will last you throughout the day.

7Captain’s Choice Original Bay Rum Aftershave

amazon buttonThis alcohol-based aftershave contains hazel and glycerin that give you a nice ‘burning’ sensation that lasts for a few seconds after applying it on the skin, thus permeating your skin deep with its fragrance and moisturizing properties. It is a lighter product, so expect its fragrance to be discreet but long-lasting at the same time. It should also be said that it is one of the few aftershaves that can leave your skin feeling silky without using any greasy oils.

6Lather & Wood Aftershave Balm

amazon buttonBy using an alcohol-free formula, this aftershave won’t cause any sort of short-term damage to the pores while providing you with the same standard of protection as alcohol-based aftershaves. It will also go easy on the skin due to the fact that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that might cause any adverse reactions. This being said, all of the ingredients contained by a bottle of Lather & Wood Aftershave Balm are 100% natural.

5Gillette Series Sensitive Skin After Shave Gel

amazon buttonGilette really knows best when it comes to razors and shaving creams, which is why any aftershave they put out should be worthy of notice. Such is the case with their Sensitive Skin After Shave Gel which is lightly scented gel designed to instantly cool and refresh the skin in just a matter of seconds. It contains a non-greasy formulation made specifically for sensitive skin, a formula that allows you to rub it on your skin without the fear of causing any damage whatsoever.

4Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave Gel

amazon buttonThis is a soothing, cooling gel, formulated to moisturize the skin and protect it against irritation without exposing it to any dangerous chemicals in the process. It contains aloe vera, allantoin, and witch hazel, a combination that balances the skin after shaving, healing it in the process. It also contains sandalwood essence which gives it an elegant scent, a fragrance joined with cedar and topped with an exquisite floral bouquet of lavender and jasmine.

3Proraso After Shave Balm Protective

amazon buttonThis protective aftershave balm is designed to moisturize, strengthen, and protect the skin against irritation. Enriched with vitamin E, it will moisturize the skin while its aloe vera formula calms down the skin, smoothing it in the process. What’s great about this particular aftershave is that it doesn’t contain any mineral oils or artificial colors that sometimes have a negative effect on sensitive skin.

2The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm

amazon buttonThis exquisite aftershave balm from The Art of Shaving replenishes moisture to soothe dry skin after shaving, helping it rehydrate at the same time. It contains sandalwood essential oil aimed at helping your skin achieve a silky texture and no alcohol or synthetic dyes whatsoever. Furthermore, it contains a strong sandalwood fragrance that will linger into your skin throughout the day, providing you not only with a pleasant perfume but quite a bit of comfort as well thanks to its therapeutic qualities.

1Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer For Men

Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer For Men

amazon buttonThis aftershave lotion is one of the healthiest aftershave products on the market today, mainly due to its creamy formula designed to moisturize the skin. It also has a long-lasting effect, a big plus when it comes to aftershaves, as most alcohol-based products tend to lose their positive effect on the skin in a couple of hours. We should also point out that it is designed to be absorbed by the skin almost instantly so as to not leave any greasy sensation behind. overall, the Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer from Rugged & Dapper is one of the best aftershaves money can buy.