Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables of 2017 – Reviews


Air hockey is a fun game with no age restrictions, a game you can play with your family or friends at any time due to how little preparation it requires to get the game going. Although not as big as arcade tables, home air hockey tables are still fun enough to justify the original investment. Most air hockey tables intended for home use are durable and compact in size, so accommodating it into your home shouldn’t be a major issue by any means.

You also have to consider what your skill level is and how much you would be willing to improve, were you to buy a larger, more responsive table. With this out of the way, it all remains for you to find the one that best suits your gaming needs. For the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best air hockey tables for home use.

10Franklin Sports Zero Gravity Air Hockey Table

amazon buttonThis fairly large air hockey table features a 54″ x 27″ x 32″ playing surface designed for extended action. For greater convenience, it has a slanted leg design and end mounted puck returns to make things easier. It is also quite a durable table, a durability owed to its MDF construction. Overhead, it has an LED electronic scoring system that keeps track of the score automatically according to the floating puck’s movement.

9Hathaway Power Play Table Top Air Hockey

amazon buttonMade from a very strong ABS material, the Power Play Table Top Air Hockey from Hathaway isn’t likely to get damaged from regular use. Furthermore, it features radius legs with skid resistant non-marking pads to protect your floors from any scratches caused by the table’s movement. The zero-gravity effect is achieved via a single 110V UL Approved Permasealed high output electric air blower system. The only real issue with it is that it very much looks like a toy, which some people might find troublesome.

8Hathaway Hat Trick Air Hockey Table

amazon buttonUnlike the Power Play we just talked about, Hathaway’s Hat Trick Air Hockey Table has a more professional appearance, not only due to its tall design but also due to its high-tech appearance. It has a 47 x 23 x 5/8 MDF playing surface that is poly sealed and scratch resistant to protect it from any type of damage in the long run. It also has L-shaped legs with reinforced end support panels and sturdy independent stabilizing leg levelers.

7Fat Cat Original 2-in-1

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, the 2-in-1 from Fat Cat is a 7-foot game table that combines billiards and table hockey using the same frame structure. You switch between the two games by flipping the table on its axis using an easy to operate latch system. While the billiard table is very good in its own right, the air hockey side features a glossy white playing surface that comes equipped with all the features you would expect from a high-end air hockey table.

6Goglory 60-Inch Air Hockey Table with Slide Scoring

amazon buttonPowered by a heavy duty 110V fan, the zero-gravity this air hockey table provides is almost perfect. The table itself features a high flow air box with OPP electronics scorer that keeps track of the scoring automatically. As for the playing surface, it is a 32″ high x 30″ wide x 60″ long glossy surface designed to be as responsive as possible. This being said, you might want to refrain from using any puck other than the one provided with the table.

5Franklin Sports Quikset Air Hockey Table

amazon buttonThanks to its Quikset design, you can set up this particular air hockey table in just a matter of minutes. It has an angled leg design and corner caps that give it a sporty look and feel while its durable steel reinforced hinges give it almost perfect stability. The table is available in two sizes – a 48″ version and a 54″ one. Depending on your needs, you might want to get the one that better fits your budget.

4Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table

amazon buttonEquipped with an electronic score keeping system with rail-integrated display, the Blazer 7′ makes keeping score a very easy task. It features overhang rails designed to reduce puck bounce and leg levers to ensure an even playing surface. The actual gameplay is facilitated by a powerful heavy duty 120V blower that makes the game so much faster. Interestingly enough, the playing surface can also be converted into a ping pong table should you wish to do so.

3Redline Acclaim 4.5′ Hockey Table

amazon buttonMade with a PVC laminated playfield, Redline Acclaim 4.5′ has one of the smoothest playing surfaces you will ever experience on an air hockey table. The table is equipped with a slide scoring feature for competitive games, an external puck catcher for greater convenience, and a 110V motor with a switch. It also features 1/2″ rails along with end and side aprons to make the game faster and more competitive.

2Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

amazon buttonThe HX40 Electric powered Air Hockey Table from Sport Squad has a table top design for added portability and better storage. It is powered by a high-output fan that makes the smooth surface very fast and responsive, although despite the fast gameplay, you will be required to keep score via manual sliders. The great thing about the HX40 is that it only takes a few minutes to get it up and running, which is a great feature as far as air hockey tables go.

1Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

amazon buttonThis 40-inch table top air hockey table from Playcraft is ideal for young kids, but it can be used by adults just the same. The table is made from a sturdy MDF hardwood frame with a smooth playing surface that facilitates a competitive gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, the playing surface benefits from a UL-approved, 100 cfm air-powered motor for speed and an ABS puck catcher for faster puck returns. Overall, the Sport 40-inch air hockey table is a must-have for anyone with an active family life.