Top 10 Best Attack Helicopters in the World


While not being great at creating superiority on the battlefield, attack helicopters are perfect for quick strikes and rescue missions. It is for their mobility that most modern armies invest so much money in their development, manufacture, and improvement. Even though no country could ever win a war without a complete arsenal, attack helicopters are great for keeping the attack force mobile and impredictable. This is precisely why the world’s strongest countries as far as military might goes are spending so much on developing and maintaining a considerable number of attack helicopters. Here are the best ten such helicopters in the world today.

9Z-10 (China)

The Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter entered service in 2008 and has been produced constantly ever since. This particular helicopter has a standard gunship configuration that uses a narrow fuselage and stepped tandem cockpits. Its weaponry consists of a 30 mm cannon, HJ-9 anti-tank guided missiles, a couple of HJ-10 anti-tank missiles, and a few TY-90 air-to-air missiles as well. Furthermore, the Z-10 is capable of carrying unoperated rocket pods.