Top 10 Best Baby Beach Tents of 2017 – Reviews


Some people stay away from the heat and discomfort of a sunny day at the beach if it means exposing their babies to that environment, yet toddlers love playing in the sand by the sea just as much as they love swinging or throwing things around the house. It is very important, however, to keep the baby’s sensitive skin away from the harmful UV rays that adults have a much bigger resistance for.

A quality beach tent for babies and kids will provide you and your family with all the protection you need so that you’ll enjoy your time at the beach. This being said, there are quite a few baby beach tents to choose from, as they vary in size, accessories, and UV protection levels. So if you’ll bear with as for a few minutes, we’ll tell you all about the ten best baby beach tents on the market and what makes them so good.

10Children’s UV Protection Cabana Camp Sun Shelter Beach Tent

amazon buttonCoated with a double UV layer protection with an index of UV 50+, this particular tent offers all the protection a toddler requires at the beach and then some. It is 56x38x34 in size, which may not be enough to accommodate more than one adult, yet perfect for two or three toddlers. It also features sand pockets on each side for added stability, four 8-inch plastic stakes, and a carrying tote bag.

9ModFamily Best Baby Travel Bed and Beach Tent

amazon buttonThis baby travel bed & beach tent is made from a polyester/fiberglass material that ensures a 50+ UV protection for your baby at all times. Convenient and maneuverable, this tent pops up easily and folds into a small carry pouch when you’re don with it even easier. It is also surprisingly durable due to its thick polyester construction that protects your baby from any environmental threats like harsh wind or rain.

8Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent

amazon buttonThis baby tent is a bit taller than what you would normally expect, which offers your toddler a bigger freedom of movement inside the tent. It is a 36x36x36 portable tent, treated for UV protection, with an SPF of 30. It also features a side mesh panel for better airflow and ventilation, a roll-down front mesh door with Velcro closure, and a durable, easy to clean waterproof polyethylene floor.

7Kilofly Original Instant Pop Up Portable Travel Baby Beach Tent

amazon buttonLightweight and easy to carry, this portable baby beach tent from KF Baby is one of the smallest baby tents on the market. Even so, it provides all the protection provided by larger tents and then some. Made from certified non-toxic, lead-free, baby safe materials, this tent will not cause any type of harm to your baby while providing it from any environmental conditions that may threaten them. It also has a self-expanding screen that allows you to open it up or fold it down in just a few seconds.

6Pacific Play Tents Under the Sea Cabana

amazon buttonThis particular tent isn’t as much of a baby tent as it is a kids tent given its fairly spacious design. Even so, the SPF 30 UV-treated construction provides your toddler with all the protection required at the beach, not only against UV-rays but against dusty wind as well. It also features a great ventilation system that while preventing any dust from getting into the tent will allow a more than sufficient airflow to pass through the tent at all times.

5Instant Portable Breathable Travel Baby Tent

amazon buttonThis highly-rated tent was designed with versatility in mind, enabling you to bring it along in your travels whenever you may choose to go. Although perfect at the beach where its UV protection index ensures the safety of your toddler within the tent, it also has a mosquito net and permissive side panels that ensure appropriate airflow at all times. Made from a breathable mesh and waterproof nylon, it will provide all the safety your baby requires regardless of the environment.

4Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

amazon buttonThe EasyUp Beach Tent from Pacific Breeze is one of the easiest tents to set up. Due to its specially designed EasyUp Hub System, you will set up the tent in just a matter of seconds. It has a UPF 50+ sun protection, but it provides shelter against sand and wind at the same time. It does this without minimizing airflow in any way. Built with resistant internal pockets for storing personal items, a good ventilation system, and a waterproof PE floor, this is one of the best beach tents for kids on the market right now.

3Coleman Compact Shade Shelter

amazon buttonThis compact shade shelter might be just what you and your toddler need for a quiet day at the beach. It provides a UV guard protection of 50+ SPF to ensure maximum protection against harmful UV rays. It also includes a carry bag, sandbags, long stakes, a hand dry line, and a floor mat, which is everything you need to set it up properly in just a few minutes. We should also point out that it has 4 hanging pockets inside for you to store personal items into.

2Schylling Infant UV Playshade

amazon buttonThis particular infant beach tent is one of the safest out there, not only due to its over 50+ UPF protection, but also due to how well-made the walls of the tents are. These walls provide protection against dusty wind and other environmental threats to your toddler without restricting airflow in any way. It also features a patented structure that pops up and down in just a few seconds.

1Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent

amazon buttonPacific Play’s Lil Nursery Tent is designed to provide safety and comfort for your toddler at all times. Built with thin, yet resistant unrestrictive walls, it will allow good airflow without exposing the toddler in any way. It also features a UV-treated 30+ SPF cover designed to protect your baby against harmful UV rays. Last but not least, it has a waterproof polyethylene floor and a carry bag that makes it lightweight yet resistant at the same time.