Top 10 Best Selling Music Bands Of All Time


Although it would be pretty hard to determine what constitutes ‘best’ when talking about music bands, a fair argument would be to consider those with the best-selling records. In this respect, one cannot argue with the fact that the highest earning bands of all time are also among the most popular bands in history. It does seem that a certain correlation does exist between album sales and music quality, which is how the following list came to be.

We thought that by observing the highest earning bands of all time, we could find out what are the ones that people appreciate the most. So without further ado, here are the ten best bands of all time in terms of album sales and popularity.


The Swedish band ABBA sold over 381 million records over the years, a clear indication of just how popular their music is. Having released their first album in 1972, the band then spent the next 10 years putting out one great album after another. Among their top hits, we find songs like ‘Fernando’ and ‘Dancing Queen’, songs that almost anyone has heard on the radio at some point during their lives. Overall, they made over $58 million from album sales and royalties.