Top 10 Best Bolt Carrier Groups of 2017 – Reviews


Like any other tool, a weapon has to be maintained and looked after to operate the way it was intended. This is precisely why many gun owners upgrade their weapons with parts that are guaranteed to not only increase the weapon’s longevity?but to improve their functionality at the same time.

Boat carriers, for example, are designed to provide reduced friction, lowered operating temperatures, and to provide a good overall performance regardless of weather conditions or climate. There are, however, better alternatives on the market than the ones your rifle comes equipped with and we’ve made a short list with some of the best bolt carrier groups on the market right now.

Best Bolt Carrier Groups Reviews 2017

10AB Arms Pro BCG Nickel Boron Bolt with Phosphate Extractor, Silver

amazon buttonMade from aircraft quality E4140 steel, this BCG is heat treated and shot peened per Mil-Sec Requirements. It is also coated with manganese phosphate per mil-sec requirements while its AB Pro bolt assembly has been performed on high-end machinery that ensures a high exacting tolerance and surface finish. The bolt its made with carpenter 158 steel, mpi tested, coated with nickel boron to ensure durability.

9PHASE 5 Electroless Nickel Complete COMPLETE BCG + ARASSEMBLY TOOL

amazon buttonManufactured in the United States, this electroless nickel BCG features a hardened gas key, grade 8 hardened fasteners, a type III sealing compound, a EN plating that enhances reliability, and a black phosphate outer finish. It also has an inner chrome line and a design that is bound to reduce cleaning time while improving corrosion resistance. Its design also minimizes required bolt lubrication due to its smooth finish. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a free assembly ring tool from BBRINGTOOL.

8?R Guns Phosphate Finish Semi BCG 5.56/.223 MADE IN USA

amazon buttonMade of steel, this BCG works with 5.56, .223, and 300 blackout calibers. We should point out that it only works with mil-spec uppers or billet mil-sec uppers due to its construction. Nitrated by design, this BCG is not phosphated?like other BCGs, ensuring a much easier cleaning. It also has to be said that it is manufactured 100% in the USA by R Guns, known for their high-quality components and equipment.

7Reign Supreme MFG Titanium Nitride Carrier with Nickel Boron Stake 5.56 .223 556 223 TiN NiB

amazon buttonIt’s not every day to get to use a weapon with titanium nitride components, which is why this particular MFG carrier should interest you despite the fact that it doesn’t come equipped with a bolt. Regardless of the bolt, this titanium nitride carrier is made in the United States and it features a nickel boron stake.

It has to be said that generally, titanium carriers are known to go through hundreds of rounds without showing any signs of jamming or getting stuck.


amazon buttonDesigned to work with 5.55 and .223 ammo, this full auto carrier has a full-weight rear part which enhances its operating speed quite a lot. It also features military-grade materials and manufacturing. It is a chrome lined carrier that can just as well go through an NP process if you want it to. This being said, you could purchase a nickel boron BCG to save yourself the trouble, but then you would be missing this carrier’s incredible operating speed.


amazon buttonWhile it is supposed to work just as well with a full auto as it does with a semi-auto rifle, the BC Group AUTP from Bravo is designed to first service semi-automatic rifles. As for its compatibility, this particular carrier works just as well with .223 as it does with 5.56 ammo. It comes equipped with a firing pin and it requires no additional components other than the tools you might use to install it.

4Reign Supreme MFG Titanium Nitride Carrier with Nickel Boron Key & B0lt 5.56 .223 556 223 TiN NiB

amazon buttonThis titanium nitride carrier will turn your 5.56 or .223 rifle into a precision tool. This particular BCG is one of the best-made carriers on the market, partly due to its titanium nitride construction but also thanks to its nickel boron staked key. One thing to look for is the BCG’s oversized head on the bolt pin which might make installing it a bit hard, but once it’s in place, you are bound to get long-lasting results out of it.

3.308 LR-308 LR308 BCG by Veriforce Tactical

amazon buttonMade from steel in the United States by Vertiforce Tactical, this BCG is as American as they come. Like the name suggests, this BCG works only with .308 calibers and LR308 rifles. It nitrided, not phosphated, ensuring a much easier cleaning and durability. It also features forward assist slits which allow it to process hundreds of rounds without jamming. This being said, be weary of its extractor retention pin if you have an adjustable gas block.

2Anderson Manufacturing Complete BCG

amazon buttonManufactured according to military specifications, this chrome lined bolt carrier group includes all the components you might need to get it installed in no time. It features an 8620 carpenter steel carrier, a 9310 super alloy steel bolt, and a properly staked gas key. It has a fully mil-spec construction and a durable phosphate finish that ensure its longevity and durability. As for its compatibility, this BCG works with .223 and 5.56 calibers while being .300BLK compatible just as well.

1Nickel Boron .223/5.56 BCG

amazon buttonMade by Prime Weaponry, this 8620 steel carrier is among the best you can get as far as durability and operating speed go. It is shot peened, magnetic particle inspected, high pressure tested, shot-peened, and nickel boron coated. It also features a gas key staked to mil-spec standards, grade 8 hardened fasteners, an extractor insert with upgraded Crane O-Ring, and a power spring kit. It comes with a firing pin and is compatible with virtually any .223 and 5.56 platform ever made.