Top 10 Best Budget Projectors of 2017 – Reviews


Projectors really did come a long way over these past few years, no doubt about it. In the old days, home projectors were incredibly expensive and bulky, not to mention how difficult it was to get your hands on a good one. With the advancement of technology across the entire technological spectrum, home projectors have become capable of reproducing what only cinematographic equipment used to be able to do, but it all comes at a price it seems.

However, there are plenty of home projectors out there that are both capable and affordable, you just have to know where to look. For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best home projectors you can buy on a budget.

10Excelvan 140 Inch Home Theater and Gaming Projector

amazon buttonThe Excevelan 140 Inch Home Theater is equipped with built-in speakers and supports almost every input out there, ensuring that you won’t have to spend time figuring out what goes where trying to get it up and running. At the same time, it features some pretty interesting technologies like 720p and 1080p support, most aspect ratios and file formats, a 50,000-hour lamp life for durability, and a lot more.

9HD Home Theater Multimedia LCD Projector

amazon buttonEquipped with a 5″ LCD Panel projection system and a 1080P/720P/576P/480P support range, this projector features everything you can expect from a high-end device at this point in time, at half the price. It also comes with a remote control that makes it easier to operate, along with a multitude of other useful features. Among them, a 20,000-hour lamp life, a 600:1 contrast ratio capability, and a USB HDD support.

8HTP LED-33 HD 1080p LED Projector

amazon buttonDue to its user-friendly build, you need just to connect this particular projector to an input source of your choice and you’re set. What’s interesting about its versatile nature is that it can playback any type of media from virtually any source, including Playstation and X-Box signal or cable TV. Furthermore, it features a 100W, 30,000-hour LED lamp guaranteed to last you 20 years at least.

7DBPOWER Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this is a compact, portable projector designed to accommodate any type of input, including USB, VGA, HDMI, AV, Home Entertainment systems, and much more. Although compact and lightweight, it can project a surprisingly large picture with support for 1080p at 1000:1 contrast and 120 lumens. It also supports USB flash drives and can play almost any type of media format with impeccable clarity.

6Crenova XPE460 LED Upgraded Projector

amazon buttonEquipped with an enhanced LED light technology, this projector will deliver a light brighter than ordinary LEDs by at least 20 percent. This enables the projector to provide a large screen experience in almost any lighting, a projection that can be between 37 and 130 inches. At the same time, it features keystone functions that allow you to manually adjust picture proportions according to your specific needs.

5Rienar Multi-media 150 Lumens Portable Hd LED Projector

amazon buttonThis multimedia 150 lumens projector from Rienar has a 500:1 contrast rating, full-HD capability, an optical trapezoidal keystone feature, and built-in support for virtually any type of input out there. Thanks to its compact design, it is also portable, while its multi-function AV/VGA/USB/SD/HDMI/Micro USB support allows you to connect it to any device you may have including gaming consoles.

4Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projector

amazon buttonAffordable yet highly capable at the same time, the Taotaole multimedia portable LED projector is bound to meet your every needs and then some. It has the capacity to reproduce an image as large as 30-120 inches at a projection distance of between 3.5 and 12.5 feet. Equipped with keystone correction, this projector will adjust the trapezoidal distortion of the picture automatically while its 800:1 contrast / 800 lumens image strength ensures a surprisingly high image quality.

3ViewSonic PJD5255L XGA DLP Projector

amazon buttonViewSonic’s PJD5255L XGA DLP Projector features a Super Color technology that enables it to deliver superior, true-color images up to 3200 ANSI lumen bright and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It also features a 3D Blu-ray ready HDMI input, the ability to choose one of 5 different view settings for various scenarios, a Sonic Expert technology that delivers enhanced sound through a powerful amplifier, and an intuitive interface with a tactile keypad.

2Epson VS210 Projector

amazon buttonThe VS210 Projector from Epson is among the most reliable and technologically advanced projectors on the market. It is capable of reaching 2600 lumens brightness while consuming 25% less power than other projectors in its class. At the same time, it features a 3LCD, 3-chip technology that enables it to reproduce rich, true-color images at an amazing image quality. Furthermore, it features an automatic vertical image correction feature that quickly adjusts the image to fit the screen of your choice.

1ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA DLP Projector

amazon buttonThanks to its Super Color technology that enables it to deliver superior 3300 ANSI lumen projections, the PJD5155 SVGA DLP projector from ViewSonic is one of the best you can buy on a budget. It features a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 3D Blu-ray ready capabilities, HDMI input, enhanced amplified sound reproduction, and a variety of other useful features. It also comes with a tactile keypad, a top lamp door, and optional cable management for good measure.