Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers of 2017 – Reviews


Try as best as you can, you won’t be able to keep car seats clean without serious protection. Over time, car seats tend to get dirty due to spills, stretches, or due to excessive wear, especially if you have pets or small children. You could theoretically power wash the seats once every few months, but it is such a tedious and time-consuming practice that most people just take their cars to specialized cleaners who by the way, aren’t exactly cheap.

To prevent this, most people have the common sense to wrap their seats in car seat covers. There are so many to choose from, however, and they all seem to possess some sort of specialized protection against something. This can get quite confusing when shopping for good protection for your car seats, so to help you through, we put together a list of the ten best car seat covers on the market right now.

10UltraSoft Fleece Seat Covers

amazon buttonFirst of all, the UltraSoft Fleece Seat Covers from BDK aren’t exactly easy on the eye, but their protection level is top notch. On the other hand, standard car seats appear so emotionless and basic, so why not go for something that’s aesthetically pleasing for a change? Made from comfortable Faux-Fur Fleece Material, these car seat covers will provide you with a very smooth experience while their elastic velcro loops make them not only easy to install but also quite stable and reliable.

9Prime New Design 11pc Red Hearts Car Seat Covers Set

amazon buttonMade from microfleece polyester, these seat covers are just as comfortable as they are flexible and resistant. They feature sponge backing with fleece connectors and triple stitched seams for durability over long periods of time. They also provide an impressive amount of protection while being surprisingly comfortable at the same time. Also, they come as a complete set with front and rear placement accommodations.

8BDK Hot Pink Zebra Seat Covers & Floor Mats

amazon buttonThere’s no reason not to treat yourself to brightly colorful car seats, especially when they’re part of a set designed to brighten up your car interior. Manufactured using micro-fit fabrics with polypro 3mm foam with extra layer backing for all accessories, these seat covers and mats are 100% washable. They also benefit from double stitching, a feature that makes both the covers and the mats very resistant to wear and tear.

7Peacock Universal Bucket Seat Cover

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for something simple yet fashionable at the same time, then why not go for a peacock-styled car seat? We already talked about the importance of having a good protection for your seats, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be pleasant to look at. Made of lush and comfortable penne velvet materials, these trendy car seat covers will fit most sedans and SUVs with standard seats and provide them with extra comfort and reliability.

6Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seats

amazon buttonThe joy of having children involves driving them everywhere and children aren’t known to be considerate when it comes to getting things dirty. As a result, your best chance of keeping your car seats clean is to use a reliable car seat cover designed to deal with spills and smudges. The Summer Infant Elite DuoMat features a nonskid back surface to keep it safely in place, a feature complimented by super grip vinyl stabilizers. As for the protection, you’ll hardly find any better.

5Custom Auto Crews – Gray PU Leather Seat Covers

amazon buttonMade from superior quality faux leather, these sedan bucket seating covers are cleverly padded to provide extra comfort for both the driver and the passenger. It should also be said that they feature triple stitched seams which make them much sturdier and resistant. They also boast a universal design that fits most car interiors, including car seats that have armrests and/or removable headrests.

4Leader Accessories Super Speed Full Set Seat Cover

amazon buttonThese particular car seat covers boast an extra foam padded design aimed at providing comfort and protection for a more enjoyable driving experience. Although the front seats covers are pretty flexible in their own right, it is the bench seat cover that takes the cake. It is designed to be a universal fit for virtually any type of back seat while retaining all the qualities of the front car seats covers they come packed with.

3FH-PU001 PU Leather Car Seat Covers

amazon buttonLeather has a nice feel to it, so why not cover your seats with it if it’s possible? It is PU leather to be more precise, but it retains all the qualities and comfort of expensive leather nevertheless. Equipped with 3mm foam backing and a protective finishing layer, these covers are 100% water resistant. Also, the front bucket covers have velcro openings on the top to facilitate headrest insertion, while the back seat bench cover can be stretched to fit back seats of any size.

2Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover

amazon buttonDesigned with athletes in mind, there are no real limitations to who can use this particular car seat cover and what for. This machine-washable athletic car seat cover is designed to wick away any type of moisture to provide maximum comfort. This makes it perfect for anyone who has to drive a car after working out in any way. Also, the fact that you can simply roll it up using its attached strap makes it very easy to store.

1FH-FB060 Trendy Elegance Car Seat Covers

amazon buttonThese popular car seat covers from the FH Group are among the few covers to feature airbag compatibility. Due to their special stitching, they will inflate upon impact, allowing the air bag to do its job unrestricted. The front seat covers have velcro openings for easy installation while the rear bench covers use three zippers to accommodate left and right splits. Furthermore, you can unzip one of the zippers on the backrest cover if you’re looking to fold down the cup holder. Overall, these particular car seat covers are extremely reliable and versatile.