Top 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers of 2017 – Reviews


We should start off by pointing out that although some cats may be intimidated by the sight and feeling of nail clippers, the very process of nail clipping can prove essential in preventing infections and a variety of other issues a cat with long nails might be subjected to.

We already talked about the importance of good nail clippers for dogs and you would do well to understand that using a quality nail clipper for your cat’s nails is just as important. Even so, there are quite a few cat clippers to choose from, which is why we put together a list of the ten best cat nail clippers out there along with precious information about what makes them so special.

10SyRion Pet Dog Cat Nail Clippers

amazon buttonPowerful enough to trim nails with just one cut, these nail clippers will make it very easy for you to get your cat-grooming chores over in no time. The reason why these clippers are so powerful stands in their high-quality stainless steel blades that remain sharp even after being used repeatedly over long periods of time. At the same time, they use non-slip ergonomic handles that provide you with a perfect grip at all times.

9JW Pet Company Deluxe Nail Trimmer for Cats

amazon buttonThis guillotine-style nail trimmer features a non-slip handle designed to provide you with a strong grip on it, thus enabling you to trim your cat’s nails safely and stress-free. Easy to use, this nail trimmer is suitable for all cat breeds, just as long as you keep in mind that different cats require different grooming. We should also point out that this trimmer is a lot more affordable than most trimmers out there which is a big plus overall.

8Cat Clips Regular Trimmer

amazon buttonMade from high-quality stainless steel, these are the type of trimmers that will retain their sharpness regardless of how often you use them or how intensely you do it. At the same time, they are relatively compact and easy to grip, allowing you to get the trimming done quickly and effortlessly. We should point out, however, that at first sight, these trimmers look a bit cheap to the untrained eye, but we assure you they are top notch.

7Ebelyn Nail Clippers for Cats

amazon buttonThese particular clippers from Ebelyn are designed to service not only cats but dogs and rabbits as well. Their versatility comes from the fact that they boast excellent stainless steel blades aimed at providing precise, clean, and fast cutting capabilities. Boasting a scissor-like design, they are very easy to handle even when using them for long periods of time, while their blade indentations ensure that you won’t hurt your pets in any way in the process.

6Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers

amazon buttonDue to their high-quality stainless steel blades, these clippers will help you get the job done in no time. Not only that but thanks to their ergonomic handles you will be able to operate them freely and with maximum grip at any given time. These rubber coated handles are designed in a similar fashion to the professional tools that career cat/dog groomers use on a regular basis, which is maybe why they’re so popular in the first place.

5Resco Original Deluxe Dog, Cat, and Pet Nail/Claw Clippers

amazon buttonThese versatile clippers from Resco may be a bit pricey as far as cat clippers go but understandably so. You see, they come with not only a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, but with optional deluxe grips and color options as well. Not only that, but these particular clippers are the same clippers that a majority of all vets, vet techs, and groomers across north America have been using for these past few years. Needless to say, they are some of the best clippers on the market.

4Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Claw Clippers

amazon buttonFour Paws’ Magic Coat Cat Claw Clippers are designed to be easy to use, safe, and painless for the cat at all times. For this purpose, it features stainless steel blades intended to provide long-lasting clipping without going blunt. Thanks to their compact size, these clippers can also be used on kittens, although you should always proceed with caution when clipping kitten nails as they are a lot more sensible.

3Yogo Pet Grooming Clippers

amazon buttonEquipped with a quick sensor safety guard, these clippers will ensure that you won’t cut into a cat’s sensitive nerves by mistakes. At the same time, they pack sturdy stainless steel blades aimed at giving you a professional smooth cut. Not only that, but thanks to their ergonomically designed soft-grip handles, you will be able to use them for long periods of time without experiencing any sort of fatigue or discomfort.

2KittyNails Cat Nail Clippers


amazon buttonThese professional grade cat nail clippers from KittyNails are designed to be used daily by professional veterinarians and groomers around the world. Due to the fact that they have rubber coated handles, they can be used repeatedly without experiencing any discomfort while helping you maintain a good grip on them at all times. Furthermore, these clippers can also be used on small breed dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, or birds.

1Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmers

amazon buttonMade from high-quality stainless steel, these professional nail trimmers from Safari will provide you with the best cat grooming experience you can expect at this point in time. Equipped with a safety guard, these clippers will ensure that you won’t hurt your cat in any way while trimming its nails. Furthermore, their stainless steel blades are so sharp that you can use them to trim dog nails as well. Overall, Safari’s 770045 Professional Nail Trimmers might just be some of the best money can buy.