Top 10 Best Cat Trees of 2017 – Reviews


We try to buy only the best furniture for our home, but what about our pets? Don’t they deserve furniture of the highest standard? Our furry friends cannot complain about the quality of the toys, treats, or any other accessories we give them, but they will often ignore the things they hate if they find them inadequate in any way. This is definitely true when it comes to cats, who are among the most fickle of pets when it comes to new items in their environment.

They will downright refuse to touch any item that inconveniences them, including whatever toys you introduce them to. So if you’re thinking about getting your cat a cat tree, then by all means educate yourself on what the market has to offer before making a purchase. To help you in your quest, we put together a list of the ten best cat trees on the market today.

10K&H Manufacturing Hangin’ Cat Condo Tan

amazon buttonThis cat tree from K&H uses much less space than a conventional cat tree without taking away anything from the fun in any way. Due to its interesting design, it can be mounted on virtually any door in just a few minutes. Interestingly enough, it is made from a waterproof fabric made of 600 denier nylon and features multiple levels for the cat to enjoy. We should also point out that you can fold the tree down with easy at any point should feel like it.

9Molly and Friends Bed/Cradle and Tunnel Cat Tree

amazon buttonEquipped with large beds and rest areas, this cat tree will accommodate husky cats with ease. It is also made from durable materials with a high-quality carpet on top of what appears to be a very solid construction. Speaking of which, it also comes with an all-natural thick sisal rope, yet despite all this, it doesn’t really require any assembly whatsoever. All you have to do is find a suitable space to accommodate its fairly large 55″ body and you’re set.

8BestPet 2014 Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this particular cat tree features two spacious rooms, two so-called ‘condos’ that are designed to be as comfortable as possible. It also features a scratch post to provide your cat(s) with suitable entertainment, along with a multi-level platform design for versatility. At the same time, this seemingly tall cat tree is also surprisingly stable, even when being occupied by more than one cat.

7Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch Cat Tree Tower Condo

amazon buttonThis particular cat tree from Best Choice Products features four different locations for the cat(s) to relax: a condo, a hammock, a perch, and a tunnel. At the same time, it is surprisingly stable giving its size, not to mention just how comfortable it is for the cat given its soft, comfortable coating. Furthermore, this 52″ cat tree comes with an attached scratch post to keep your cat entertained at al times.

6“The Tabby” Cat Nap Cat Tree

amazon buttonPacking 6 different levels for your cat to play onto, this 6 ft cat tree might just be one of the tallest on the market. It features two condo bedrooms, multiple flat platforms, and nine scratching posts for your cat to enjoy. It also includes a hanging rope and toys aimed at keeping your cat entertained at all times. We should also point out that it is made of compressed wood, a construction that guarantees its durability and rigidity.

5The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

amazon buttonMade of ply with oak veneer, this cat tower is a lot lighter than you would expect, yet surprisingly strong at the same time. This particular cat tree is perfect for accommodating more than one cat thanks to how spacious its platforms are, but also as a result of its impressive height. Speaking of platforms, the tree’s carpeted platforms have velcro bindings to make them easier to take off when needed.

4BestPet 73″ Premium Extra Large Cat Tree

amazon buttonThis large 73″ cat tree opens and folds surprisingly fast given its size, a lot faster than a majority of all cat trees being sold nowadays. It features a large storage basket and cup holders for safeguarding toys, treats, and water bottles without taking up any extra space. At the same time, it is a very versatile cat tree as well, as it allows both front and rear entry while benefitting from top, front, and rear ventilation for good measure.

3Go Pet Club Cat Tree

amazon buttonGo Pet Club’s beige cat tree may only be 51 inches in height, but it makes up for it with a wide and quite stable construction. Speaking of construction, this cat tree is made of compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope so that it’s not only durable but comfortable for the cat at the same time. Although intended for a small cat, given how spacious its room and platform are, you can easily squeeze in a larger cat or a couple of them.

2Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

amazon buttonGreat for sleeping, climbing, scratching, or exercising, this impressive cat tree from Armarkat Pet Products has it all. It is made from an attractive plywood with faux fur covering for added comfort, a design that also makes it fit into any room design. We should also point out how easy it is to set up, especially thanks to the many tools it comes equipped with. Furthermore, this particular cat tree is quite tall and sturdy, meaning that it can easily hold two or more cats at the same time.

1Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040

amazon buttonWhile other cat trees use a carpet covering, this popular cat tree from Go Pet Club uses a comfortable plush covering which when combined with its sisal scratching posts, adds up to a very versatile and ingenious cat tree. It also contains 10 posts covered by natural sisal rope throughout the tree’s 15 levels. Spacious and pleasant to look at, this cat tree is also rather tall (72″), which enables cats to roam free without any restrictions whatsoever. Last but not least, this particular cat tree is by far one of the most affordable in its class, at least in terms of height and width.