Top 10 Best Center Channel Speakers of 2017 – Reviews


A good central channel speaker is at the core of any home theater and one of the smallest components of such a system at the same time. Although small in size, the center channel speaker is responsible for the dialogue in movies and for most of the vocals when listening to music. A dedicated central channel speaker will project dialogue and vocals clearly and prominently at all times.

Therefore, you want your center channel speaker to be of the highest standard so it can better complement your sound system. Over the next few minutes, we will take a look at the ten best center channel speakers on the market right now and find out what makes them so great.

10Boston Acoustics Classic II CS225C Center Channel Loudspeakers

amazon buttonThis center speaker is designed to deliver crisp, detailed audio playback while providing the perfect foundation for any multi-channel home theater system or stereo-only music system. It features deep channel design woofers built to produce deep, resonant bass, and Kortec soft-dome tweeters for better high-frequency reproductions. At the same time, it has a MagnaGuard magnetic shielding feature that prevents video interference and a box design that allows you to mount the speakers on the wall with ease should you wish to do so.

9Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker

amazon buttonThe CS-804HD Speaker features two patented high-definition balanced double surround system drivers that are pressure-coupled to a racetrack-shaped planar Low-Bass Radiator. As a result, it provides a formidable bass extension, unmatched by any other speaker in this price range. It also features a non-resonant, low-diffraction cabinet designed to maintain sonic purity at all times by minimizing cabinet diffraction distortion.

8Onkyo Center Speaker System D-077C(B)

amazon buttonThis particular center channel speaker features a gold plated brass shaving screw system, which when combined with a compact 2cm soft dome terminal gives the speaker unmatched clarity and fidelity. It has a 6 Ohm rated impedance, a 2-way shutting form, and a 40W input rate with a 150hz-35kHz frequency response. This being said, Onkyo car speakers are among the best type of speakers on the market when it comes to responsiveness and sound clarity depth.

7Dayton Audio CCS-33B 3-Way Center Channel Speaker

amazon buttonDesigned to provide excellent clarity and detail, Dayton Audio CCS-33B is one of the most affordable center channel speakers out there. We should also point out that its price doesn’t affect its overall quality in any way, as it features optimized long-excursion woofers, flat, neutral frequency response capabilities, and a magnetically shielded design to prevent TV or computer monitor interference.

6Fluance XL7C High Performance Two-way Center Channel Speaker

amazon buttonManufactured from superior components to ensure a dynamic performance and superb sound, the XL7C high-performance speaker from Fluance is designed to complement almost any type of sound system or home theater. Thanks to its meticulously-crafted audio-grade MDF wood cabinetry, it will deliver an impressively reduced resonance while its neodymium balanced pure silk dome tweeters provide a vibrant high-frequency response at all times.

5Klipsch RC-52 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker

amazon buttonKlipsch RC-52 is a lot better than a majority of all small woofers on the market and pretty much anything running at a lower than 80Hz frequency. Due to its construction, it will deliver a strong and vibrant voice reproduction while maintaining great sound quality overall. At the same time, it features a bass-reflex enclosure with dual front-firing ports designed to provide remarkable balance and performance.

4Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

amazon buttonYamaha’s NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker features a 7/8″ balanced dome tweeter and light aluminum-coned woofers designed to provide extra-fast response and fidelity. This is a 2-way bass-reflex center speaker that benefits greatly from a slim design that matches most flat-panel TVs out there. Furthermore, it is built in such a way that it reproduces the full, dynamic sound of most HD sources while ignoring any potential radio or TV interferences.

3Polk Audio 255C-RT In-wall / In-ceiling center channel speaker

amazon buttonThis high-end in-wall center channel speaker from Polk Audio offers you the ability to focus on dynamic details and directional effects during playback, more so than any other center channel speaker on the market at this point in time. It features dual-band bass ports designed to be highly efficient in small enclosures while smoothly funneling the angled woofer’s low frequencies around the driver array for a greater sound quality.

2Micca MB42-C Center Channel Speaker

amazon buttonThanks to a balanced woven carbon fiber woofer, this center channel speaker can deliver a surprisingly impactful bass. At the same time, its high-performance silk dome tweeter offers smooth treble and accurate imaging while its ported enclosure delivers extended bass response with low distortion. Furthermore, it has a neutral and accurate sound signature with excellent vocal clarity, features you would expect from a much more expensive speaker.

1Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker

amazon buttonPolk Audio’s CS10 center channel speaker is without a doubt, one of the best center channel speakers on the market today. It features a 1″ fabric/polymer composite dynamic balance dome tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet structure designed to provide a detailed frequency response when dealing with vocals and instrumentals. At the same time, it has a non-resonant all-MDF enclosure construction that guarantees a much cleaner, lifelike sound quality.