Top 10 Best Chefs in The World


For some people, cooking is more of an art than a necessity, especially those who have dedicated their entire lives to become culinary masters. Such is the case with the people we will soon talk about, people who spent their lives perfecting the art of cooking. These reputable chefs are known throughout the world for their culinary mastery and for the commitment they have with food, an almost personal relationship as some would say.

It is due to their undeniable cooking skill that they became so widely known to even those who aren’t all that interested in the culinary arts. Long story short, here are the ten most famous chefs in the world right now.

9Heston Marc Blumenthal

Blumenthal is an English chef who advocates for scientific understanding when it comes to cooking. He is now the owner of several restaurants, some of which that owe their success to his tremendous influence. One of his most famous restaurants is The Fat Duck. It earned him 3 Michelin stars. In 2006, it was also voted as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. He devised the theory of Multi-Sensory Cooking. He is passionate about the theory of cooking, and food as well.