Top 10 Best Drinking Games


There’s no funnier way of drinking with your friends than engaging in some sweet old-fashioned drinking games. This being said, some of these drinking games have been subjected to heavy modifications over the years while others have fallen out of fashion entirely. For your consideration, we looked into the subject thoroughly and we found out what drinking games are most popular at parties nowadays.

Some of these games require a specific number of players or a specific set of conditions to be met, but feel free to change the games the way you see fit in order to get the most out of them just as long as you remember to drink responsibly. So without further ado, here are the ten best drinking games people are playing nowadays.

9Where’s the Water?

Where's the Water?

This hilarious game involves filling multiple glasses with various drinks like gin, vodka, or tequila before setting them on the table randomly. The appointed game master then fills out two or three glasses with plain water and mixes the water glasses among the other ones. Players are then required to pick up a glass, down it as quickly as possible before saying ‘mmm, water’. If the player isn’t convincing enough when saying that, they have to take another shot.