Top 10 Best Electric Knives of 2017 – Reviews


Whether we’re doing chores around the house or cooking a delicious meal, we never stop looking for ways to make difficult tasks easy. While seasoned cooks can cut large meats like ham or turkey in a timely fashion, it usually takes the rest of us hours on end using traditional tools. Fortunately, the advent of electric knives made it easier for people who aren’t accustomed to cutting large or fillet meats to do so quickly and effortlessly.

Electric knives allow us to make clean, effortless cuts that would otherwise be almost impossible with regular knives. Some electric knives, mind you, are better than others, which is why we took it upon ourselves to find out which are the ten best electric knives on the market today.

10Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

amazon buttonThis wall-powered electric knife features an advanced air-flow design and a quiet long-lasting motor that powers 7-1/2-inch reciprocating blades. It can be plugged into any 110V wall socket via a 7-foot power cord that ensures great maneuverability. It also comes equipped with a stainless steel pronged fillet fork designed to securely hold the meat during filleting and a very comfortable handle.

9Piranha Electric Fillet Knife

amazon buttonSaltwater Piranha from Mister Twister is seen by many as a veritable pioneer in electric fish cleaning technology. This electric knife uses an increased cutting surface that was engineered to handle even the toughest of scales and the hardened skin of many saltwater fish species. Judging by its motor, it has an almost 25 percent bigger torque and about 15 percent better speed than most electric knives on the market nowadays, along with a 9-inch blade to get the job done effortlessly.

8Rapala Rechargeable Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

amazon buttonBuilt in a way that will ensure years of service without showing any signs of malfunction or damage, this electric knife is really top-notch. Due to the fact that it doesn’t have any power cord, Rapala’s Rechargeable Electric Knife allows a much greater maneuverability than most electric knives. Its removable rechargeable battery packs provide ample power while its charger base allows the charging of one battery to a full charge in less than 4 hours.

7Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

amazon buttonEquipped with two stainless steel reciprocating blades that slice meat uniformly, this knife will ensure that all your slices have the same thickness. It also has a comfortable easy-to-grip handle that was ergonomically designed to provide great handling. What’s great about the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is that it comes with a carving fork and a compact storage case designed to store pretty much anything as neatly as possible.

6Wolfgang Puck Electric Knife

amazon buttonThis electric carving knife cuts thick or thin slices with great precision and ease using 2 serrated stainless steel blades that you’ll be able to use for frozen food, bread, or cooked meats with no restrictions whatsoever. It uses a patented rotary handle that allows you to cut at 4 different angles and a double safety switch for added safety. Also, it has a space-saving design that makes it very easy to store.

5Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

amazon buttonMister Twister is a 120V electric knife that features a very strong motor, a very sharp blade, and a very comfortable handle among a variety of equally useful features. It can be powered by any standard 120V AC socket using a power cord that in all fairness, could have been a bit longer. Nevertheless, this electric knife features a convenient blade release for greater maneuverability and a safety lock to keep you safe no matter what.

4Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife

amazon buttonThis great electric knife from Hamilton Beach ensures that you will be able to slice any type of roast, ham, turkey, cheese, or bread as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. It features two serrated stainless steel blades that moved back and forth rapidly to create even slices of any thickness. It also features a comfortable handle that ensures greater maneuverability and a carving fork to help you through.

3Black + Decker EK700

amazon buttonThis 9-inch electric carving knife features a modern, contoured design that boasts a contoured, ergonomic grip for added comfort. Perfect for cutting through bone and slicing homemade bread, there isn’t much this knife wouldn’t be able to cut through given its powerful motor. Speaking of which, the EK700’s motor features a safety lock that prevents it from being powered on by accident.

2Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife

amazon buttonEquipped with a nonslip trigger, stainless steel blades, and a carving fork, this electric knife is as good as they get. It comes with a space-saving storage case that you can also use to store other smaller kitchen utensils should you wish to. We should also point out that it is powered by a strong 100-watt electric engine that will help its 7-1/2-inch blade cut through almost anything.

1Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

amazon buttonThe CEK-40 from Cuisinart is widely considered to be one of the best electric knives on the market and rightfully so. Its high-quality stainless steel blades will slice any type of food in even pieces, while its ergonomic handle gives it a much better grip that almost any other electric knife out there. Equipped with a bread blade, a carving blade, and a butcher block holding tray, there isn’t much that CEK-40 won’t be able to cut through. Last but not least, this high-end electric knife features a safety button and an easy blade release feature for greater maneuverability and comfort.