Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Women of 2017 – Reviews


Even though men aren’t the only ones who need to shave constantly, most shaving-related products are aimed at them either through advertising or packaging. We even talked about men’s shaving needs not long ago. However, women also grow unwanted hair that they constantly have to rid themselves of, which is why shavers are so popular to begin with.

Unwanted hair is a threat to a woman’s beauty and she will do anything to get rid of it. Now it seems that shaving is the least painful method, especially when using an electric shaver that doesn’t pull or rip the hair out in any way.

The only real issue is that there’s no way to tell what the best shavers are unless you have experience with them or unless you know someone who does. Fortunately for you, we searched the market far and wide for the best electric shavers for women money can buy and here is what we found.

10Remington WDF4840 Women’s Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver

amazon buttonThanks to its wet/dry technology, this particular shaver will cut through hair whether your skin is wet or dry at roughly the same speed and with the same precision. It also features a four-blade system that trims comfortably in fewer passes for greater comfort. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an Aloe Vera strip that provides moisturizing comfort in order to prevent the irritation that would normally occur post-shaving.

9Remington WDF-3600 Smooth & Silky Women’s Shaver

amazon buttonThis silky shaver features a smooth glide trimmer with a nano silver configuration designed to reduce irritation. It also includes a bikini trimmer head guard for trimming inside the bikini line, a feature that will come in very handy during the summer no doubt. Also, if comes with a bonus detail trimmer aimed at helping you deal with rebellious eyebrows and any sort of precise type of grooming for that matter.

8Clio Palmperfect Cordless Shaver for Women

amazon buttonThis cordless shaver is perfect for when you have to do your shaving while traveling and you’re unsure whether you’ll have access to a power source or not. It is also extremely efficient in its own right, whether we’re talking legs, underarms, or any other type of hair for that matter. We should also point out that it has a water-resistant design that allows both wet and dry use and dual clipper blades that will shave hair of any length.

7Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver

amazon buttonEquipped with a rounded gliding head, this particular shaver is designed to mind the female form in order to provide accurate and effective shaving when dealing with every area of the body that needs shaving. It features a combination of floating foil and a long hair trimming system aimed at providing close shaving results, even when shaving sensitive areas. Furthermore, it features a unique exfoliation attachment designed to revitalize the skin during and after shaving.

6Sunmy Electric Cordless Lady Body Leg Hair Shaver Razor Remover Trimmer Groomer

amazon buttonDesigned for shaving sensitive places, this shaver will not cause any sort of irritation or discomfort while shaving. It features a precision shaving head tailored for accurate hair removal, a design that ensures convenient handling, and a three-in-one blade design to provide you with a painless shaving experience. It also operates at an extremely fast pace, much faster than most electric shavers on the market today.

5Satiny Smooth by Conair Dual Foil Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

amazon buttonThis rechargeable shaver will provide you with smooth results for hard-to-reach sports due to its clever design and lightweight construction. It also features two independent floating cutters designed to remove hair cleanly from both dry or wet skin. Furthermore, it uses two full-size trimmers to provide you with a close shave and a convenient cleaning brush to help you clean up afterward.

4Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groomer

amazon buttonDesigned to work efficiently on both dry or wet skin, this personal groomer from Conair will provide you with a very close shave overall. This applies to both standard shaving, precise trimming, or when you want to work on your bikini line. Interestingly enough, this shaver doesn’t use batteries but a charging stand that will ensure that you always have an operating shaver at hand when you need it.

3Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver

amazon buttonThanks to its 6-in-1 hair removal system, this particular shaver will provide you with everything you need from an electric shaver and then some. It features a 60-degree pivoting head with 48 rotating tweezing discs that capture long and fine hairs, a gentle dual side-to-side hiding shaving head, and a lot more. It is also a hypo-allergenic shaver that gently removes hairs at the root without causing any sort of irritation or discomfort.

2Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Ladies

amazon buttonThe ES2216PC from Panasonic is one of the finest electric shavers on the market due to not only its shaving speed or accuracy but also due to how sensitive it is on the skin. It features a pivot shaving system for close and smooth shaving, a sharp blade system to get the job done quickly, and a pop-up trimmer for long or stray hairs. Furthermore, this particular shaver is a the hyper-allergenic product, meaning that it won’t cause any damage to the skin no matter how intensely it is being used.

1Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade “Close Curves” Wet/Dry Shaver

amazon buttonThe ES2207P is among the most popular electric shavers for women and rightfully so. It features a 3-blade system that captures and cuts hair in a single pass, a floating head shaving system that conforms to the shape of your leg in order to provide quick and painful results, nickel-free, hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades to keep things comfortable, and a lot more.

It also has to be said that it provides the same accurate shaving on dry skin as it does on wet skin, mainly as a result of its self-adjusting triple-blade shaving system. Last but not least, it features a pop-up trimmer for longer or stray hairs.