Top 10 Best Gas Stoves of 2017 – Reviews


A cooking stove is essential for any modern kitchen, and although some people prefer electric stoves nowadays, traditional gas stoves are valuable appliances still. While alternatives exist for most cooking appliances these days, no real alternative to a gas stove exists that provides the same benefits and cooking capacities.

With this in mind, you’re probably wondering what options does the market have in store for someone looking for a high-quality gas stove. You’re in luck, fortunately, because we took the liberty of putting together a list of the ten best gas stoves out there for your consideration.

10LRG3085ST | LG 30 Freestanding Gas Range

amazon buttonGood cooking stoves have traditionally been quite pricey, so finding a good, yet affordable gas stove in this economy is quite rare indeed. The LRG3085ST from LG features a Heat Wave technology that uses a fan convection system to deliver the ideal temperature and airflow for fast preheating at any time. Its powerful Superboil 17,000 BTU burner can bring water or pretty much any liquid to a boil within just a couple of minutes. Overall, the LRG3085 is a great investment.

9Cosmo 36″ Freestanding / Slide-In Gas Range

amazon buttonThis stainless steel gas stove features an automatic cut-off timer, a cavity cooling system, double oven lights, an oven ventilation system, and a cavity cooling system along with an overall sturdy build. This free-standing stove comes with 4 chrome rack positions, a variety of accessories, and an overall oven capacity of 3.8 cubic feet. Also, this gas stove uses a 13,000 BTU triple ring burner, a 10,200 BTU rapid burner, a 6,000 BTU semi-rapid burner, and a 3,500 BTU auxiliary burner for fast and efficient cooking.

8MAS304GASXE | Bertazzoni Master 30 Gas Range

amazon buttonPerfectly calibrated to deliver best-in-class heat-up times, the Stainless Steel Freestanding Gas Range from Bertazzoni features one of the best worktops on the market. It features a power burner with 2 separate rings that can be individually controlled for a variety of dishes. It has a burner power between 700 and 18,000 BTUs, and a thermocouple safety system that will be mechanically stopped whenever the flame goes out.

7Bosch HGI8054UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range

amazon buttonDesigned to accommodate virtually all types of pots and pans, this gas stove will fit almost anything in its large oven?while its warming drawer will definitely help you with your cooking by keeping the ingredients at a fairly warm temperature. It has a maximum potency of 18,000 BTUs, a burning strength that can be easily adjusted through the heavy-duty metal knobs it comes equipped with.

6SAMSUNG NX58H9950WS Slide-In Gas Range

amazon buttonYou don’t normally think of gas stoves when you hear the word Samsung, yet it seems that they make household appliances of the highest quality. This gas stove features 5 sealed burners, guiding light controls, a true convection system, and a temperature probe to help you cook at just the right temperature. It also has a 5.8 cu. ft. Capacity which makes the NX58H9950WS one of the largest gas stoves on the market.

5Frigidaire FGGF3054MW Gallery 30″ White Gas Sealed Burner Range

amazon buttonEquipped with a true convection cooking system that distributes heat throughout the oven to help with multi-rack baking and cooking, this gas stove is one of the most efficient and fastest-cooking stoves money can buy. It also features an effortless temperature probe that allows you to preset a desired temperature that will prompt the stove to make a peculiar noise when reached. Also, its oven is designed to automatically shut itself down after being used for six hours.


amazon buttonThis is the slightly more successful version of Samsung’s NX58H9950WS, a fairly good gas stove in its own right. This gas stove comes equipped with 5 sealed burners, a 5.8 cu. ft. capacity, a true convection system, and a temperature probe among a few equally interesting features. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this particular gas stove is a lot sturdier than you would imagine, a sturdiness which also makes it quite durable in the long run.


amazon buttonThe CGS990SETSS Cafe from GE is a freestanding gas stove that features not one but two ovens intended to help you cook faster and more efficiently. Speaking of ovens, this gas stove features a 30″ oven which can be preheated to 350 degrees in less than 8 minutes. It also has two very powerful burners and a series of electronical features like a temperature probe cooking capability, delayed start, and much more. Interestingly enough, it also has a lower oven that uses an electric element that produces almost the same amount of heat as the burners.

2LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Gas Range

amazon buttonLG designed the LDG3036ST to be reliable, strong, and efficient at all times. Made from stainless steel, this gas stove features a 2.2 cu. ft. upper oven and a 3.9 cu. ft. lower oven, both equally strong. It also features 5 sealed gas cooktop burners, along with a convection bake technology and a convection roast one. With a 30-inch cooking area, we consider the LDG3036ST to be fairly large as far as gas stoves go, a spacious platform that will undoubtedly help you with your cooking.

1GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven Range

amazon buttonThis double oven range features an overhanging cooktop, a convection bake capability, a warming drawer, and a self-clean technology that will certainly come in handy at some point. Designed to be resistant and durable, you aren’t likely to damage this high-end gas stove through conventional methods. We should also point out that it comes with a 10-year warranty for all its main components, which is a lot more than most manufacturers offer nowadays.