Top 10 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners of 2017 – Reviews


sUnlike regular steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners are intended for smaller jobs like removing stickers or cleaning faucets. Not to say that they are ineffective in any way, it’s just that you shouldn’t expect a handheld steam cleaner to do the job of a much larger one. On the upside, handheld steam cleaners are a lot more affordable and maneuverable than traditional ones, which is maybe why they’re so popular nowadays to begin with.

So if you know all about the benefits and setbacks associated with handheld steam cleaners, all it remains is for you to figure out which model best serves your needs. To help you through, we’ve compiled a list of the best handheld steam cleaners on the market today for you to choose from.

10Pyle PSTHH05 Handheld Steamer

amazon buttonThe Pyle PSTHH05 is designed to clean, deodorize, sanitize, and disinfect almost anything using hot steam vapors. Equipped with a 900-watt heating element, it can produce superheated steam for you to use when removing dirt and grime, disinfecting the target surface at the same time. It is a lightweight, portable, and easy to use device that you can use almost anywhere. Also, it uses tap water for its steaming needs and it can be operated with a single-touch switch.

9McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonEquipped with a lockable steam trigger, this compact steam cleaner allows you to blast its powerful steam continuously if needed. It has the capacity to deep clean and sanitize without the use of any harsh chemicals, which is more than you would expect from such a compact tool. Despite its size, it has a 6 oz water tank that heats up in less than 3 minutes, providing up to 10 minutes of continuous steam.

8HAAN HS-20R Handheld Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonThe HS-20R from Haan packs a full assortment of useful accessories along with a wide array of equally useful features. Among them, the capacity to clean and sanitize with just a push of a button using just regular tap water. This water gets heated up for less than three minutes before reaching the appropriate temperature for it to be converted into a steam of over 212 degrees F. The resulting steam kills germs, bacteria, and dust mites with ease.

7Pyle PSTMH02 Handheld Steamer

amazon buttonThis lightweight, portable steamer uses a single-touch steam activation feature for added comfort and maneuverability. Similar to other handheld steamers, it too uses tap water with no additional chemicals or cleaning solutions to get the job done. Using just high-temperature steam, it cleans, deodorizes, sanitizes, and disinfects at the same time. Thanks to its included garment attachments, you can use it on almost any type of clothes without the risk of damaging them in any way.

6Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonUnlike the handheld steamers we talked about so far, the TwinTank from Hoover, like the name suggests, uses two tanks instead of one. This allows it to hold much water / steam than most other steam cleaners on the market. Furthermore, it can be operated using water alone or a Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant solution it comes equipped with. Also, it comes with useful accessories you can use to clean tiles, grout, countertops, or household appliances.

5Steamfast SF-210 Everyday Handheld Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonThis particular steam cleaner will provide more than ten minutes of constant high-temperature steam that only takes about three minutes to prepare. Lightweight, compact, and portable by design, you can take the SF-210 with you almost anywhere. For greater convenience, it comes with a 12-foot power cord and six versatile accessories including an attachable extension hose. Like you would expect from a steamer such as this, it can clean, sanitize, and disinfect without using any auxiliary chemicals other than steam.

4Handheld Multi-purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonLightweight and maneuverable, the multi-purpose steam cleaner from Comforday features all the capabilities of regular steam cleaners and then some. It is capable of removing grime, grease, mold, stains, and pretty much any type of filth with relative ease. Thanks to its clever construction, it can emit powerful pressurized steam continuously for almost twenty minutes, cleaning and sanitizing the targeted area throughout the process.

3Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonEquipped with a variety of nozzles, brushes, hoses, covers, and attachments, this particular steam cleaner from Xtech is part of the most well-equipped handheld steam cleaning sets you will ever find. Its powerful 1000-watt heater will heat up the water inside its tank in less than two minutes, providing almost twenty minutes of constant steam after doing so. As expected, this handheld steamer disinfects and sanitizes without using any additional chemicals.

2DBTech DB-8561 Multi-Purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing System

amazon buttonThis multi-purpose steam cleaning system uses nothing but clean steam to remove any grease or grime it encounters. Due to its sleek design, the DB-8561 is much easier to operate than other compact steam cleaners, mainly due to its prolonged exhaust area. It also comes with a 9-foot power cord for greater mobility along with a flexible extension hose, a bent spray nozzle, a round brush nozzle, a long spray nozzle, and a few other equally useful attachments.

1BISSELL Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner

amazon buttonBissell has a reputation for making high-quality steam cleaners and the Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner is the perfect example. Equipped with a 1000-watt heating element that can get the steamer running at optimal parameters in less than three minutes, this particular steam cleaner is one of the fastest, most reliable steamers on the market. It uses powerful high-pressure steam drawn directly from its built-in tank, a tank that you are advised to fill with regular tap water. This being said, you aren’t really required to use any additional chemicals when cleaning other than its high-temperature steam that cleans, disinfects, and sanitizes at the same time.