Top 10 Best Indoor Bug Zappers of 2017 – Reviews


Insect zappers are known as being extremely efficient at dealing with pesky bugs like mosquitoes around doorways, outdoor patios, or when you’re out camping. Few people know, however, that there are more than a few indoor bug zappers on the market as well, which like the name suggests, are intended to be used indoors.They usually operate an electric current that zaps insects as they come in contact with the device, insects they draw near using light and sound.

While there are many models to choose from, we took it upon ourselves to figure out what are the ten best indoor bug zappers on the market at this point in time, so that you’ll have an easier time choosing one for yourself.

10ECO-Friendly Indoor Bug Zapper

amazon buttonThis bug zapper, as the name suggests, is an eco-friendly insect zapper that causes no toxic fumes or odors, operating as quietly and as inconspicuously as possible. Its two high-quality UV bulbs attract insects by emitting a pleasant blue light that causes flies, mosquitoes, moths, and a variety of other biting insects to be drawn towards it 2,500V zapper. This zapper features a protective, corrosion proof outer enclosure that makes it 100% safe for people and pets.

9Electronic Killer Zapper Fly and Bug Kill Trap

amazon buttonEquipped with an easy to remove tray and an overall lightweight construction, this particular zapper is extremely easy to operate. Thanks to its removable tray, you can clean out the device as often as you wish, while its ergonomic design ensures portability and maneuverability. It also emits UV light to draw insects near to its zapper, but thanks to its protective grill, no pets or creatures larger than an insect can come to any harm.

8VEX Ultra Premium Electric Insect Killer & Bug Zapper

amazon buttonDue to its 2,000 W zapper, the VEX Ultra Premium Electric Insect Killer is one of the strongest out there, yet surprisingly affordable at the same time. It also uses a state of the art electrical discharge control system that differentiates between insects and small animals, therefore keeping your pets safe. We should point out that unlike other zappers who use standard LED lights, this zapper uses powerful UV light to draw insects closer, which is much more efficient overall.

7Insect Killer, TaoTronics Bug Zapper Electronic

amazon buttonThis zapper is among the most affordable on the market while being extremely efficient and ergonomic at the same time. Thanks to the fact that it doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals or annoying odors, this particular zapper will also not draw attention to it, quietly zapping away any pesky bug that makes its way into your home. Furthermore, it is also very portable and lightweight by design, allowing you to move it around the house at will.

6Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

amazon buttonThis device uses a powerful UV white light to attract insects inside the trap, without the need to employ any environmentally-threatening methods like powerful toxic chemicals and odors. It also uses a powerful yet quiet fan to pull insects into the trap where they dehydrate and die over time. Seeing how the top snaps easily off, you can replace the bulb with ease when it does go off, but don’t expect that to happen too often due to how energy-saving the device is.

5Stinger 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Zapper

amazon buttonPerfect for both indoor or outdoor use, this particular zapper provides you with 24/7 protection against any type of insect, even when covering large areas. It has a resilient, weatherproof construction that allows you to place it both outside, or inside a large hall, without having to worry about any potential damage caused by humidity or powerful winds. We should also point out that although it works against all sort of insects, it is particularly effective against mosquitoes.

4NK63 Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper

amazon buttonThis efficient zapper uses 8 LED bulbs to attract virtually all type of insects via UV light, zapping them as soon as they get too close. What’s interesting about this particular zapper is that it features a solar-powered recharging system to operate, without the need to connect it to power plugs or batteries. It also has a tremendous 3,000 square ft range, meaning that you can use it to protect both large rooms and halls but also as an outside zapper.

3Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper

amazon buttonEquipped with a powerful 40 Watt zapper, this zapper from Aspectek is among the most efficient zappers out there. It uses no chemicals, no fumes, no dangerous odors, and no sprays whatsoever to attract insects, which makes it eco-friendly at the same time. So how does it attract insects? By using a black light with a coverage of up to 6,000 square ft. Furthermore, this 25-inch wide device is extremely lightweight and easy to relocate.

2Electronic Bug Zapper

amazon buttonCompact and ergonomic, Pest Sentry’s electronic bug zapper uses a 20W zapper to protect any medium to large room against all common pests. It uses two UV bulbs of 10 W each to attract insects who after getting zapped will drop into a removable, washable tray. This device also comes with a cleaning brush and a few other useful accessories to help you maintain it at decent operational standards.

1Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper

amazon buttonThis 15.5″ zapper from Aspectek is one of the most efficient and at the same time affordable indoor bug zappers on the market. It uses two 10 Watt UV lights to attract most flying insects on a 5,000 square ft area, insects that will drop into its easy to remove tray after getting zapped. Ideal for indoor environments in which the use of chemical repellents is unadvised, this device uses no dangerous chemicals or toxins whatsoever.