Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017 – Reviews


Masquerade masks are quite popular these days, especially among classy partygoers who want to stand out yet be mysterious at the same time. Party lovers seem to love celebrating in style, which is why masquerade masks are so popular to begin with. As you would expect, however, the market is flooded with low-quality masquerade masks due to how relatively easy it is to make such a mask, at least in terms of looks.

Although you mostly wear them at special occasions like Halloween, New Year celebrations, or themed parties, you still require a well-made mask that will not only make you appear fashionable but a mask that won’t break off out of the blue. So here are, in our opinion, the 10 best masquerade masks for women money can buy.

10Luxury Sliver Warrior Roman Greek Hercules Design Venetian Men Masquerade Mask

amazon buttonThis particular mask will make you stand out easily in any crowd due to its shiny gold/purple side flower and due to its overall fashionable design. Made from laser cut metal and plastic, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged all that easy. It also features a built-in ribbon strap that makes it easy to wear and remove at any time, which is great because it is designed to fit most adults.

9Fashion Laser Cut Rhinestone Metal Venetian Cosplay Party Masquerade Mask

amazon buttonThese metal masks are surprisingly comfortable given their metallic construction while also being sturdy and resistant at the same time. We should also point out that despite its metal frame, this mask is very flexible and bendable, thus able to fit almost anyone’s face. It has a ribbon tie to hold it in place, a ribbon that you can take off with ease whenever the mask isn’t needed or when you need to pull it off for a while.

8Butterfly Masquerade Laser-Trimmed Black and Red Color Costume Mask

amazon buttonThe word lavish comes to mind when looking at this particular mask and rightfully so. Crafted with an abundance of shiny fake diamonds around the rims, it will give you an elegant and fashionable look at all times. What’s interesting is that it also features sparkly features on the connecting part in the middle of the mask, which is unique among these type of masks. Also, this mask is crafted via laser cutting technology that makes it very detailed and well-proportioned.

7Luxury Fox Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Masquerade Mask

amazon buttonMade of a thin, crispy metal, this mask will bend firmly yet accurately the way you want it to bend. This will allow it to more or less mold on your face so that it won’t inconvenience you in any way while wearing it. It also features rhinestone detailing that give the mask a very fashionable look without appearing trashy in any way. Another thing you’ll notice is how sturdy the mask is, especially how well the stones stay in place even after extensive wear.

6Masquerade Laser-cut Light Pink and Silver Venetian Mask

amazon buttonThis mask is laser cut to be as well-proportioned as possible, yet surprisingly flexible and accommodating at the same time. Made with a metal frame, it isn’t likely that it will break or change shape unless you want it too. Also, the ribbon it comes equipped with is very smooth and flexible, allowing the mask to fit almost anyone’s head no matter how big or small. We should also point out that it features a selection of sleek selection of shiny stones in front for better aesthetics.

5Elegant Princess Luxury Metal Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Masquerade Mask

amazon buttonA good way to describe this particular mask would be ‘regal’, a regal look that only the aristocrats in times of old would boast at lavish parties in ballrooms. It may be made of metal, but its frame is so lightweight that you won’t even feel it’s there most of the time while its ribbon and lace make it as comfortable as possible. You will also notice the attention to detail its manufacturers had as it is without a doubt one of the most elegant masquerade masks out there.

4AshopZ Venetian Eye Mask Fancy Dress Accessory w/ Feather Flower Lace

amazon buttonThis elegant face mask is perfect for balls, costume parties, carnivals, New Year celebrations, and pretty much any special occasion that makes you feel like wearing a masquerade mask. It is constructed in a Venetian style and decorated with beautiful beads, glitter, lace, and feathers. Although you wouldn’t think it just by looking at the mask, it is also surprisingly sturdy and reliable, not to mention how inexpensive it is.

3Fox Shape Hollow Out Lace Halloween Evening Party Prom Masquerade Mask

amazon buttonThis black lace mask comes with an elastic strap or black satin ribbon to help it stay in place because unlike metal masks, it is extremely light. Despite its weight, however, this particular mask is made to last. It is also very flexible by design, which is why it will fit heads of any size while allowing people to take it off or put it on with ease. Also, we should point out that due to its lace construction, you can customize its shape if you are crafty enough.

2KAYSO INC Elegant Laser Cut Phantom of the Opera Venetian Half Face Mask

amazon buttonThis laser-cut mask masquerade mask is made from a lightweight eco-friendly metal alloy that is both flexible and sturdy at the same time. We should also point out its incredible
craftsmanship, as it doesn’t display any signs of excess glue, paint, or excess material. Equipped with satin ribbons attached on its size, this mask will fit almost any head while its half-face design will undoubtedly turn heads around at whatever party you choose to wear it to.

1Luxury Princess Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Masquerade Mask

amazon buttonAs far as masquerade masks go, this particular mask is definitely high-end and exquisite. Made from metal and plastic, this flexible mask will not deteriorate that easily, although it pays to be careful when handling it or leaving it laying around because its cleverly crafted sparkling rhinestones might get damaged if subjected to brute force. It also features filigree metals that are soft and bendable, making the mask quite flexible and easy to adjust.