Top 10 Best Massage Chairs of 2017 – Reviews


Those of you who have never used a massage chair are really missing out on an amazing experience. If you are one of the people who did have the privilege of experiencing the benefits of a massage chair you will undoubtedly know just how amazing it feels to have your whole body caressed gently by that pleasant vibrating feeling you can’t get enough of. Invented as a way to replace the need to consult a massage therapist, these type of chairs do indeed pay for themselves over time considering how expensive all those appointments would have been.

Not only that, but you can turn them on at any given time without causing any inconvenience whatsoever. Even so, some massage chairs are clearly better than others, which si why we took it upon ourselves to come up with a list of the ten best massage chairs money can buy.

10Luxury Shiatsu iDeal Massage Chair

amazon buttonEquipped with a four-wheel driven yet muted back massage hands mechanism with vertical movement, this luxurious chair allows you to adjust the vertical position of the massager at any given time depending on your individual needs. Thanks to its humanized massage mechanism, it will allow you to choose between its four unique functions intended to help your back stretch, a kneading & vibrating function, a manual mode where you control the back rollers yourself, or a whole body massage.

9Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

amazon buttonThis massage chair features multiple massage methods that simulate human massage to the letter. Along with them, it has an OPTO sensor device intended to find people’s shoulder position and customize their massaging experience according to their body type. It also features a heater that warms up your waist during the massaging process while helping its massaging systems provide a thoroughly increased massage area overall.

8Full Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu

amazon buttonBuilt using top quality materials including soft grained synthetic leather, carbon fiber, and a very lightweight understructure, this particular massage chair is one of the most advanced on the market today. It features a computerized body scanner that uses built-in sensors to measure your body proportions, thus customizing your massage experience according to your physical characteristics. It also has a lower back heating capability, a calf & foot massager, and multiple targeted massage techniques for good measure.

7Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner with Heating Therapy

amazon buttonTo our knowledge, this is one of the few massage chairs that come equipped with Yoga functions, which makes it stand out quite a bit. It also includes L-track massaging capabilities, a system that uses a roller trail to support your neck and back all the way to your waist. This system decompresses each individual spine in your body while increasing the beneficial effects of a good back massage.

6Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

amazon buttonEquipped with a chop action tapping and flapping system, this chair reduces soreness and ache while stimulating the nerves, blood circulation, and stressed muscles. At the same time, it features a kneading function that reduces muscle pain and work out knots while stile providing you with a comfortable experience at the same time. What’s interesting is that it also has a rolling feature that allows you to move the fixed-point of the revolving massage system up and down as you please.

5Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

amazon buttonWhen it comes to high-end massage chairs, there is perhaps no better chair than Inada’s Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair. This luxurious chair may seem a bit expensive but we assure you it’s worth every penny. It features a proprietary Inada dream wave technology that uses a gentle, undulating figure with 8 different motions which mimic the way massage therapists usually operate. It also features pre-set healthcare programs and massage sequences including morning and nighttime programs for better comfort and a more fulfilling massaging experience.

4HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair

amazon buttonThis Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Chair from HomCom is a lot more affordable than the chairs we talked about so far, but this doesn’t mean it’s not just as efficient as you would expect a more pricey chair to be. Made from comfortable PU leather with a beautiful finish, this chair uses fully reclinable parts while also allowing you to spin at a 360-degree angle. It is also heated deeply while its vibrating massage function features 5 preset settings that can be controlled using a remote that it comes equipped with.

3Comfort Products 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat Functions

amazon buttonA bit more simplistic by design than some of the chairs we talked about, this particular chair features 8 vibration massage motors designed to relax your upper back, mid back, tighs, and calves. It also has a swivel, recline, and a recline tension adjustment system that allows you to set up the exact sitting position you feel most comfortable in. We should also point out that as far as its massaging capabilities go, it features 9 pre-programmed random modes and 5 intensity levels for good measure.

2Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity Positioning

amazon buttonThis very popular Shiatsu Massage Chair features both an automatic and a manual mode for greater accessibility. In the manual mode, you take control of the back rollers which you can adjust according to your needs whereas the automatic method lets the chair go through a careful massaging methods cycle which it picks at random. It can also massage your shoulders via four mounted airbags, which when combined with its arms air bag massage and its seat massaging capabilities allow you to experience everything one should expect from a high-end massage chair.

1Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest

amazon buttonThe reason why this particular massage chair is so popular in the first place is due to how easy it is to operate and how efficient it is given its affordable price. As for its massaging features, it uses more than 30 airbags which when combined with an ingenious heat intelligent roller system will provide you with a very smooth and comfortable massaging experience. Furthermore, its massage system is designed to conform to the contour and shape of your back according to your physical characteristics. Overall, this luxurious chair is pretty much the best you can buy in this price range.