Top 10 Best Mens Rollerblades of 2017 – Reviews


We can all agree that roller skating is fun for people of all ages, especially given its immense health benefits. Yes, although most of those who skate do it for the fun of it, there are proven and undisputed health benefits to roller skating, which is why there are so many types of fitness rollerblades out there. While some people mistakenly believe that their roller skating days are over after they get past a certain age, those who keep at it will tell you about how healthy and fun it is no matter the age.

Some even say that roller skating across the pavement is the closest you can get to flying without actual wings. So let us then explore what the market has to offer in search of the ten best mens rollerblades in the world.

10Rollerblade Men’s Macroblade 90 Skate

amazon buttonThese are some of the best multi-use fitness skates in the world and it’s easy to see why. The quality supreme wheels with high precision sg9 bearings and the stable extruded aluminum frame make these blades some of the most reliable money can buy. Offering an optimal blend of comfort control and support, these blades are perfect for both fitness or recreational use with no limitations whatsoever.

9Rollerblade Men’s Maxxum 90 Skate

amazon buttonEquipped with a vented and molded shell, these blades provide a secure, comfortable, and at the same time all-purpose use. They’re also capable of providing you with the perfect blend of support, control, comfort, and speed thanks to their high-quality RB Hydrogen wheels with precision SG9 bearings, and due to their extruded aluminum frame. Furthermore, they use shock absorbing liner double buckles and laces for a greater resistance to shock and damage.

8K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skates

amazon buttonThanks to their Stability Plus design, these rollerblades offer the right amount of support, eliminating skate weight while offering versatility and comfort at the same time. Due to their interlocking frame and base, they are a lot stronger than most rollerblades, a construction that also allows them to absorb road vibration for greater comfort. Also, we should point out that they feature a K2 speed lacing system that makes it very easy to put them on or take them off.

7Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB Street Skate

amazon buttonEquipped with a very sturdy bomber shell TARS frame, these particular rollerblades are some of the strongest out there. They are also some of the most comfortable rollerblades money can buy, almost too comfy some would say. Nonetheless, they feature an anti-rocker wheel setup for greater maneuverability, a recreational bearing grade, a foam liner for greater safety, and a composite material that is both flexible and resistant.

6Rollerblade Men’s Twister 80 Urban Skate

amazon buttonGood for skating on virtually any surface, these classic do-it-all skates from Rollerblade don’t really have any downsides that are worth mentioning. Like we said, they are capable of providing an enjoyable experience on almost any surface, although they were designed with hard surfaces in mind. Even so, they are very tough and they feature a very reliable closure system designed to guarantee a perfect fit.

5K2 Skate Men’s Fatty Pro Inline Skates

amazon buttonThese inline skates are equipped with aggressive frame features like hex frame spacers that make it easy to set up a customizable configuration depending on individual needs. They also feature aggressive cuffs with huge gaps, slides, and a well-balanced design to allow plenty of boot tricks if the rider is skilled enough. Also, they are equipped with a traditional lacing system to hold the heel, mid-foot, or any spot you want.

4K2 Skate F.I.T. 80 Inline Skates

amazon buttonThanks to a specially designed frame, these particular rollerblades will absorb road vibration while lowering the skater’s center of gravity quite a lot, providing a smooth, controlled ride in return. Although the fitting is made using traditional lacing, these laces are quite flexible and resistant, not to mention how well they go with the soft construction of the rollerblades themselves, providing the skater with all the comfort they require.

3K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 78 Inline Skates

amazon buttonWell-balanced and strong, these rollerblades offer the perfect blend of support and comfort, eliminating skate weight while offering a much more versatile ride overall. Benefiting from a specially designed frame, these rollerblades will absorb read vibration to guarantee a much smoother and comfortable skating experience. Furthermore, their overall comfortable construction benefits quite a lot from the traditional laces it comes equipped with.

2K2 Sports Men’s F.I.T. 78 Fitness Inline Skates

amazon buttonThese particular rollerblades owe much of their comfort to their Stability Plus Cuff that was designed to be lightweight yet resistant and flexible at the same time, offering maximum support and speed. Due to their TEC Composite frame, they will absorb road vibration while lowering the skater’s center of gravity as much as possible to guarantee a more stable, controlled, and maneuverable riding experience.

1Roller Derby Men’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates

amazon buttonEquipped with a soft boot support system with triple cam-lever buckle, push button adjustment, and comfort fit padding, the V500 from Roller Derby are some of the best rollerblades for men on the market today. Made with a reinforced Nylon frame, ABEC 7 bearings, and 76mm Urethane wheels, these rollerblades will not sacrifice speed for the sake of comfort, being perfectly able to provide you with both. Then again, this might be why they’re so popular to begin with.