Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai


The beautiful city of Dubai has become one of the biggest tourist attractions on the planet over these past few years and rightfully so. For most people, Dubai is the place where extravagance meets wealth, a land of plenty where every necessity is provided, every anxiety tranquilized, and above else, a land where the possibilities are truly endless.

A desert outpost at first, the now modern city of Dubai is home to many sightseeing attractions, shopping malls, and impressive architecture. As for specifics, here are the 10 most popular attractions in this one-of-a-kind city, the best places to visit in Dubai if you ever get a chance to visit it.

10The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s landmark building. Standing at 829.8 m, this impressive building was completed in 2010 and it is currently the tallest in the world. A must-visit place is the observation deck on the 124th floor, where will enjoy the city’s breathtaking skyline, and a 360 degree view of the desert, ocean and skyscrapers from a bird’s eye view. Better still; enjoy photography at night, as the city has great city-light panoramas. It is surrounded by magnificent gardens as well as water features like the Dubai Fountain, which was modeled after the famous Las Vegas Fountains of Bellagio.