Top 10 Best Portable Black Lights of 2017 – Reviews


Portable UV lights or ‘Black Lights’ as they are commonly called, can be used to detect fluorescence, the colored glow that many substances emit when exposed to ultraviolet light. Using a black light, you can expose any substances that are organic in nature, including pet urine and a variety of stains.

These stains can severely damage your carpets, rugs, and sheets in the long run if not taken care of in a timely fashion, which is why portable black lights are so popular to begin with. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best portable black lights on the market today and what are the characteristics that make them so special.

10LEDWholesalers Powerful 9-Watt UV LED 380-385nm Ultra Violet Professional Flashlight

amazon buttonThis is a professional high-power LED UV light by all accounts, a tool designed for a variety of tasks involving UV light including carpet cleaning inspection and urine detection. This flashlight uses 3 powerful 3W UV LEDs with peak 380-385nm wavelength which are powered by 3 18650 3.7 Volt or 4 3.0 Volt CR123a batteries. It also has to be said that it looks and feels solidly built, mainly due to its machined aluminum construction.

9Handheld UV Black Light Torch Portable Blacklight with LED

amazon buttonThis particular black light torch features both a 4W UV bulb and a torchlight for good measure. It is compact, portable, and battery operated, which makes it easier to take it with you on the road. As a matter of fact, it has a handy nylon carrying cord for this exact purpose. Furthermore, the long wave UV light it produces is not harmful to your eyes in any way, although you would do well not to stare into it for too long.

8Onedayshop 21 LED Waterproof Uv Ultra Violet 395-400nm Blacklight Flashlight

amazon buttonOnedayshop’s 21 LED UV flashlight is guaranteed to have a 100,000-hour bulb life, a lot more than you can realistically expect from most portable black lights on the market. At the same time, this blacklight flashlight is 100% waterproof, another feature you normally wouldn’t expect from a UV flashlight. Not only that, but it also has a very low power consumption and an anti-pressure feature, making it a very versatile UV flashlight overall.

7Topwell Mini AAA 21 LED UV Ultra Violet Blacklight Pocket Flashlight

amazon buttonIt’s not often that you get to see a pocket UV flashlight, especially one that does the exact job a standard one would. This mini blacklight flashlight uses 21 LEDs that are guaranteed to last you up to 100,000 hours. It also features an aluminum construction with a knurled grip and ‘O’ rings for increased water resistance. This being said, it is not a waterproof flashlight, even though its rugged construction ensures its long-lasting durability.

6KMASHI 12 LED UV Light Ultraviolet Flashlight

amazon buttonThis 12 LED UV flashlight from KMASHI is designed to detect pet urine or any other types of stains that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. It is a powerful, portable UV flashlight that emits light at a 395nm wavelength, making it perfect for detecting scorpions or fish if this is what you’re interested in. Due to its compact design and aluminum construction, it is very easy to carry around and store.

5Morpilot UV 12 LEDs Ultraviolet Blacklight Stain & Urine Detector Torch

amazon buttonMorpilot’s 12 LED UV flashlight does everything a standard, bigger UV flashlight would do and then some. Measuring just 3.5 inches, this particular blacklight flashlight can authenticate currency, driver licenses, official ID cards, passports, or you can use it to spot scorpions, carpet stains, and pet urine. It features 12 powerful LEDs that emit a 395nm wavelength and a sturdy aluminum & plastic construction for greater durability.

4LingsFire 21 LED UV Ultra Violet Blacklight Pocket Flashlight

amazon buttonGuaranteed to have a 100,000 bulb life, this flashlight’s 21 LEDs produce a 390 to 395 nanometers wavelength, which is more than enough for anything you might use it for. At the same time, it is highly portable and easy to use, mainly due to its lightweight aluminum construction with a knurled grip for extra maneuverability. Furthermore, its rugged construction ensures its durability, even when used consistently over long periods of time.

3Ultra Light Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight

amazon buttonCompact and lightweight, you can take this particular UV flashlight with you everywhere you go. Not only is it suitable for detecting pet urine and a variety of other stains, but it can also reveal the holograms within ID cards and driver’s licenses. Furthermore, this 2.4 ounces flashlight measures just 3.5 inches and it is powered by 3 AAA batteries, meaning that it is also very easy to store and operate.

2Spot’s Light UV Blacklight Flashlight

amazon buttonSimilar to other UV flashlights in design and size, this particular model excels by being very affordable and easy to operate. It features 12 powerful LEDs that produce a wavelength of between 395 and 410nm, which is more than most UV flashlights on the market today. At the same time, it is very compact and easy to carry around while its durable construction ensures that it won’t show any signs of damage even when used for extensive periods of time.

1AOR Flashlights UV Blacklight LED Flashlight

amazon buttonWhen it comes to portable black lights, there is perhaps no better solution on the market today other than AOR Flashlights’ UV Blacklight LED Flashlight. It is small and portable by design, yet very professional and well-made. It also features no reflector or hood glare, just 21 UV LEDs capable of 395nm, LEDs that are by far much better than you would normally expect from a UV flashlight this size.