Top 10 Best Programming Languages For Job Demand


Coding skills are in high demand in today’s economic climate, and rightfully so considering the fact that programming jobs pay significantly more on average than any other job. With the tech sector booming, you would do yourself a favor by learning, or at least understanding the basics of at least one programming language. Even if you won’t land a job that requires a good understanding of one of the most widespread programming languages, it will still look good on your resumé regardless. Let us then take a look at the most popular and sought-after programming languages in the world today.

9C Language

C is a general-purpose language developed in 1970s. It is one of the oldest programming languages that provide the building block for other important languages like Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript. Today, C is mostly used for implementing embedded applications and operating systems. Since it provides the foundation for other popular languages, it is in your interest to learn C before you start learning other languages.