Top 10 Best Rated Electric Razors of 2017 – Reviews


Different men have different facial contours, yet standard electric razors appear to be designed with a generic face in mind. In order to get the best shaving experience, you first need quality tools. When it comes to electric razors, there isn’t really a universal one-size-fits-all shaver that you can use to get a clean, close, and the same time fast shave.

There’s always a catch with electric razors, you see, because the ones that work fast can’t provide a close shave, and the ones that do provide a close shave won’t really work that fast. Nevertheless, we’ve put together a list of ten top rated best electric razors that, in our opinion, possess well-balanced features that are likely to accommodate all shaving needs.

10Panasonic ES-SL41-W 3 Blade Men’s Electric Razor

amazon buttonLoaded with a variety of smart features like a pop-up trimmer, a charging stand, and a carrying holder, the ES-SL41-W 3 from Panasonic is the type of razor that although not ground-breaking by any means, can still provide a close shave at an affordable price. It uses a 3-blade cutting system with three nanotech blades that will ensure a very close shave in a timely fashion. It features a multi-fit arc foil that follows the contours of your face for maximum coverage and water shutters for easy maintenance.

9Panasonic ES-RW30-S Dual-Blade Electric Razor

amazon buttonThe ES-RW30-S is equipped with a Pop-up trimmer for greater comfort and a 2-blade shaving system for good coverage and a reduced shaving time. Due to its flexible pivoting head, this shaver glides uniformly over the chin and the jaw line, for a more efficient coverage and great comfort at the same time. It is suitable for either wet or dry shaving, thanks to its ultra-thin vibrating outer foil that efficiently cuts whiskers as they enter the foil’s holes.

8Panasonic ES-RF31-S 4 Blade Men’s Electric Razor

amazon buttonThe ES-RF31-S uses a four-blade shaving system designed to reduce shaving time while providing maximum coverage at the same time. Thanks to its hypoallergenic blades and foils, it will cause considerably less irritation when used on a sensitive skin. It also features 30-degree Nanotech blades that cut hair at the base with close, accurate precision and a flexible pivoting head that glides uniformly along the contours of the face.

7Remington F5-5800

amazon buttonUntil recently, the Remington F5-5800 was an exclusively professional tool, used in barbershops across the world. It can provide a professional-quality shave in just a few passes thanks to its integrated intercept trimmer that cuts even the longest of hairs with great ease. Due to its Pivot and Flex technology, it will follow the angles and contours of your face, providing an extremely close shave without any cuts or pinches.

6Panasonic ES-LT71-S Arc3

amazon buttonEquipped with a 3-blade (arc3) shaving system, the ES-LT71-S provides a much better coverage than most electric razors, reducing shaving time quite a lot. As a result of its 30-degree Nanotech blades, it will cut whiskers cleanly at the root in a very painless fashion. Furthermore, it uses an automatic cleaning and charging system that cleans the shaver with a hygienic solution that removes stubble and debris.

5Philips Norelco PT720 Powertouch Electric Razor

amazon buttonThe Norelco PT720 from Philips has been a best-seller for many years now and rightfully so. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first electric razors to use self-adjusting flexing heads, the technology responsible for following the contour of your face while being operated. It also has to be mentioned that Norelco PT720 is fully washable, meaning that you can rinse it clean in the sink after you’re done using it.

4Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

amazon buttonEngineered to deliver nothing less than the ultimate grooming experience, Braun’s 790cc includes a revolutionary Pulsonic Technology that uses more than ten thousand micro-vibrations to capture a great deal of hair with every stroke. It also features three personalization modes and a powerful linear motor designed to provide not only a clean but a fast shave as well. Interestingly enough, it also cleans, charges, lubricates, and dries itself after being used.

3Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver

amazon buttonEquipped with a powerful 13,000 CPM linear motor drive system, the ES8243A from Panasonic delivers a very clean and smooth shave without the usual pulling and tugging that will normally occur when using standard shavers. Due to its curved Arc foils, it can follow the contours of your face at all times for maximum comfort. We should point out that it is suitable for both wet and dry use?while its built-in pop-up trimmer lets you perform grooming operations as well.

2Braun Series 3-340s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

amazon buttonBraun has a reputation for manufacturing high-end electric razors and the 3-340s is no different. It uses a Triple Action FreeFloat System designed to cut through 3-day beards, a SensoFoil technology that ensures a much closer shaving experience than you would expect with standard shavers, and a Triple Action Cutting System for both long and short hair. It is 100% waterproof and fully washable due to its fully-sealed body that allows you to use whatever shaving foam or gel you wish.

1Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver 2100

amazon buttonThe Norelco 6948XL/41 from Philips is one of the best electric razors on the market and we’ll tell you why. Not only does it provide a closer and at the same time faster shave than pretty much any other electric razor out there, but it does so with the help of self-sharpening blades. Because of this, you won’t have to spend on replacement heads or parts of any sort. This isn’t its only quality, mind you, as it also uses a flex * float system designed to follow your face’s contour, helping the razor do its intended job without any sort of pulling or tugging. Last but not least, it is far more affordable than any other electric razor with roughly the same features.