Top 10 Best Remote Control Helicopters of 2017 – Reviews


Controlling flying vehicles is just as fun as it sounds for the most part, which is why many of us are fascinated with RC helicopters and planes from an early age. When it comes to RC vehicles, RC helicopters offer by far the most direct control, unlike RC planes which are a bit more rigid in terms of movement.

This being said, RC helicopters aren’t for just anyone, as their control takes a bit of getting used to, not to mention how dependent they are on the weather. If you do, however, decide to get yourself an RC helicopter anytime soon, you would do well to educate yourself on what the market has to offer before making a purchase. For this purpose, we made a list of the ten best Remote Control Helicopters on the market today.

10TX Juice A.I Copter

amazon buttonThis interesting RC helicopter is equipped with a ‘Juice’ button which activates an Auto Take-off feature, thus enabling you to get it up into the air without incident. It also features proximity sensors that detect objects bellow, thus helping it avoid collisions. Furthermore, it comes with a very useful Auto-Land feature that allows you to land it safely at any given time, along with a 3-channel control and a built-in gyroscope.

9Haktoys HAK321 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

amazon buttonGreat for beginners, this particular helicopter can stay up in the air for almost 10 minutes on a single charge. Due to the fact that it’s made from flexible materials, it is very unlikely that it’ll get damaged when crashing down, even if it goes down on a hard surface. At the same time, it benefits from infrared controls that make it extremely easy to fly indoors, whereas if you do take it outside you can expect a flight range of up to 50 feet.

8Lutema Large 3.5CH Remote Control Helicopter

amazon buttonThis particular RC helicopter from Lutema comes fully assembled which is a big plus while its multi-colored flashing LEDs make it a sight to behold when flying. Not only that but thanks to its metal frame construction, this helicopter is extremely sturdy and resistant. It is also fairly large as far as RC helicopters go, so large in fact that its 28-inch body makes it one of the largest on the market.

7SJ230/SJ250 2 Speed 3.5 Channel 9 Inch Long Super Anti-crash RC Helicopter

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this RC helicopter features a 3.5 channel infrared control that allows you to control not only its standard motions but fine tuning movements as well. Easy to fly, this helicopter uses a built-in Gyro designed to maintain steadiness along with a rotary anti-lockup design that prevents it from crashing. Furthermore, it has a long flying control range of up to 50 feet, a flying time of about 7 minutes, and a charging time of less than 45 minutes.

6Haktoys HAK448 4 Channel 15″ RC Helicopter

amazon buttonRelatively small compared to some of the RC helicopters we talked about so far, this particular machine is designed to fly steadily and safely at all times. It does so thanks to not only its high-quality gyroscope but also thanks to its side propellers. At the same time, the HAK448 doesn’t require any assembly upon purchase which is great as far as RC machines go. You just take it out of the box and turn it on.

5WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter

amazon buttonThis RC helicopter from WLtoys uses a single blade to fly around, but it has a control distance of about 150 meters, which is very impressive by all standards. It also has a flying time of 8 minutes and a charging time of less than an hour, making it perfect for backyard fun. Interestingly enough, this RC helicopter can also fly on its side, a feature that we wish more RC helicopters would have nowadays.

4Haktoys HAK635C 2.4GHz 17″ Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter

amazon buttonThe fact that this RC helicopter is equipped with a video & photo camera should tell you a lot about the high standard of features it has. Capable of slow-fast adjustable speed moves, this helicopter can withstand up to 5 mph breezes, whereas its strong construction allows it to crash down without taking too much damage. Like we said, this machine comes equipped with a video recording and image capturing capability, which definitely adds a bit of fun to the already fun experience.

3Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

amazon buttonAlthough not as advanced as high-end RC helicopters, this fun toy from SYMA is practical enough to justify its affordable price. It is also very easy to control as far as RC machines go. As a matter of fact, due to its two selectable frequencies, you can control up to 2 helicopters at the same time. Furthermore, it is equipped with the latest gyroscope technology, thus making it easier for you to keep it balanced throughout the flight.

2Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

amazon buttonGreat for beginners, this easy to fly RC helicopter is best used indoors due to its infrared controls. Its design is pleasant and innovative while its lightweight construction makes it very easy to transport and store. We should also point out that it has a hard wearing construction that protects it from any sort of damage it may take upon any type of impact, collisions that are to be expected given its 5 minute flying time.

1Syma S107 3-Channel RC Helicopter

amazon buttonSyma’s S107 3-Channel RC Helicopter is perhaps the most popular remote-controlled helicopter on the market and it’s easy to see why. Easy to operate, this particular helicopter features stable flight characteristics that include a 32-level high precision auto rotor blade system and a high precision propeller powered by two strong motors with a third one in the tail rotor for greater stability. Combine these advanced capabilities with its surprisingly affordable price and you have yourself one of the greatest RC helicopters money can buy.