Top 10 Best-Selling Albums Of All Time


We all enjoy listening to music whenever we find the chance and we all have our favorite bands and genres we like listening to. At the same time, we all seem to enjoy humming along with the radio whenever a catchy or popular tune comes on, which is what this next list is all about. While everyone has a favorite genre they listen to, some songs are so good that they appeal to almost everyone.

Such is the case with the songs on the best-selling albums of all time, songs that have transcended the sphere of their own genre into the annals of music history. We already established what were the ten best-selling bands in history so let us find out what are the ten best-selling albums of all time and who made them.

9Come On Over – Shania Twain – 40 million copies

Come On Over was the third studio album recorded by Canadian pop country singer Shania Twain and was released on November 4, 1997, via Mercury. Soon after its release, it became not only the best-selling country music album in history but also the best-selling studio album by a female act. To this day, the album sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, 20 million of which in the United States alone.