Top 10 Best Selling Cars of 2012 in The United States


Thirteen million cars and light trucks were sold in the US alone over the last twelve months, and a total of 55 million worldwide. Out of all these 55 million cars, more than 40% are sales of just 20 of the more than 250 models available. These models are generally sedans designed to get a high gas mileage. You have to bear in mind that every one of the cars presented on the following list has a price of less than $25,000.

More than that, fifteen of these cars use four-cylinder engines which normally get much better mileage than engines with more cylinders. Once again, Japan seems to be the main worldwide leader in car sells as seven of the top ten best selling cars of 2012 are Japanese.

9Chevy Silverado 1500

This 2 door pickup uses a 6 cylinder engine which depending of the model can have a capacity of up to 395 horse power. This model sold more than 240,000 units in 2012 while the number of sales is expected to rise in 2013. There are 2 other versions of the Silverado which are generally priced much higher than the 1500 model: the 2500 HD hybrid which has a 390 horse power engine and the 3500 HD six wheeler.

As per usual with pickups, the 1500 comes in both two wheel drive as well as the four wheel drive models. The Silverado model could be bought be enthusiasts with the average price of $23,000 while the base price of the car was that of $22,595.