Top 10 Best Shaving Creams of 2017 – Reviews


The right shaving cream can make the difference between a healthy skin and one plagued by ingrown hairs, razor burns, irritation, and a variety of other issues that arise from nicks and cuts. In the times of old, people used soap when shaving and although there are still plenty of men out there who still do, there are more than a few objectively better solutions when it comes to shaving aids.

Nowadays, most people use shaving gel and foam on a regular basis, mostly because of how inexpensive they are. Shaving creams, on the other hand, are a lot better at hydrating the skin than regular foam, which is why there is such a huge market for them still. Over the next few minutes, we’ll talk about the ten best shaving creams one can buy at the present time and what to expect from them.

10Crabtree & Evelyn Shave Cream

amazon buttonThis luxurious vitamin E-enriched lather is formulated to provide the skin with hydration and a variety of rich aromas like sandalwood with notes of zesty bergamot, vetiver, and spicy cypress. At the same time, it will protect against razor burn while providing a good enough moisturizing experience for a better skin conditioning. Not only that, but the lime scent it leaves behind on the skin is absolutely wonderful.

9Chiefs Shaving Cream For Men

amazon buttonFormulated with ginseng and vitamin E, this moisturizing shaving cream will leave your skin smooth and hydrated, a smoothness that lasts for days. Interestingly enough, due to its thick nature, you can apply this particular shaving cream without a brush if you wish to. It is also very effective against irritation and nicks, mainly thanks to its ginseng contents which smoothen the skin, thus protecting it from any cuts.

8Natural Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

amazon buttonIf you have a sensitive skin, you will undoubtedly have had unpleasant experiences with regular shaving gels or foams. This particular shaving cream, however, operates in a much different fashion than foams, minimizing the risk of irritation and nicks. It does so through a uniquely formulated pure, natural, unscented combination of ingredients that includes oatmeal, aloe, and sandalwood.

7Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream

amazon buttonNeutrogena’s Men Sensitive Skin shaving cream is formulated to help the razor glide effortlessly across the thin sheen while providing the skin with a good amount of protection. It also leaves behind a very pleasant odor, but not one that is too prominent or too obvious in any way. It is quite often that men with sensitive skin have issues with store brands when it comes to shaving products, which is why products like these are made in the first place.

6The Art of Shaving – Shaving Cream

amazon buttonThis unscented shaving cream from The Art of Shaving softens and lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave while protecting it from irritation and razor burns. It also generates a rich and foamy lather aimed at protecting and hydrating the skin by drastically improving razor glide across the skin. Like we said, it is an unscented cream that is free from synthetic dyes and alcohol, a cream that instead uses glycerin and coconut acid to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

5Cremo Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream

amazon buttonFormulated to reduce nicks and razor irritation, this particular shaving cream can help you achieve the closest, most comfortable shave you ever had. It does so through a combination of unique, super-lubricating, slippery molecules compounded with powerful skin conditioners in order to help the blade glide across the skin. As a result, it will leave your skin cut-free and moist, a feeling you will experience for days afterward.

4Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather

amazon buttonThis shaving cream, like the name suggests, provides three protective hydrating layers to ensure a close, irritation-free shave. Usable with or without a shaving brush, this thick cream will leave the skin refreshed and irritation-free. Interestingly enough, it does so without using any alcohol, colorants, paraben, gluten, and no fragrances whatsoever. It contains a PureScience formula that uses certified organics to moisturize the skin and protect it at all times.

3Proraso Shaving Cream, Sandalwood

amazon buttonFormulated to soften the hair and nourish dry skin, Proraso’s moisturizing sandalwood cream will keep the skin soft and supple throughout the day. More so, thanks to its sandalwood oil contents, it will provide a calming and soothing effect that you will enjoy for days after using it. It also contains shea and cocoa butter along with sandalwood oil, a combination that keeps your skin irritation-free and well hydrated.

2Proraso Shaving Cream, Eucalyptus & Menthol

amazon buttonProraso’s Eucalyptus & Menthol shaving cream is formulated to create a rich lather on the skin that facilitates close shaving without the risk of nicks and razor burns. Paraben-free, this cream contains eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, natural glycerin, and menthol, ingredients aimed at tightening the pores while keeping the skin soft. Not only that, but the discreet fragrance it leaves behind will stay with you for hours after using it.

1Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

amazon buttonThis particular shaving cream combines the traditional elements you can expect from an old-fashioned shaving cream with modern skin-protecting ingredients like sandalwood and cedar. It also has a blend of exotic sweet scented ingredients like lavender and rosemary, ingredients that will moisturize the skin while giving it a pleasant long-lasting scent. It also has to be said that it contains no Paraben and no harmful ingredients whatsoever, thus keeping you free from irritation at all times.

When you’re done shaving, you will definitely need a good aftershave to keep your skin moist while protecting you against bacteria and irritation. Check out our selection of the ten best aftershaves money can buy.