Top 10 Best Shredders of 2017 – Reviews


Traditional paper shredders are becoming increasingly rare as new technologies make the simple purpose of paper shredding obsolete. Nowadays, shredders can dispose of cards, CDs, floppy disks, and even papers with staples and paperclips. Despite the fact that most modern shredders are all of a relatively similar standard, some do their job much faster and quieter than others.

There is, unfortunately, no ‘best’ shredder to look for because each individual shredder comes equipped with capabilities meant for a specific type of shredding. Over the next few minutes, however, we will take a look at the ten best shredders money can buy in an effort to determine which ones provides the best overall value and the most versatile range of uses at the same time.

10Royal 112MX

amazon buttonThe 112MX is perfect for destroying sensitive information thanks to it ability to shred up to 12 sheets of paper into small 5/32″ x 1.1/2″ shreds. It comes equipped with separate slots for shredding CDs, DVDs, or credit cards, along with the ability to choose the exact speed and type of shredding. What makes the 112MX a good workplace shredder is its ability to fit almost 220 sheets of paper in its 3.25-gallon wastebasket that can be observed from the front through a cleverly placed viewing window.

9Aurora AS890C

amazon buttonThis quick shredder can shred about eight pages per minute thanks to its fast paced steel blades. It is for the same reason that it can slice through folded paper, staples, paper clips, cards, and pretty much any type of thin carboard in a timely fashion. It has an 8.7-inch entry slot and a viewing window in the front of its 125-sheet wastebasket. Thanks to its auto start mode, this shredder will start the shredding process any time its front sensors detect objects being inserted into the entry slot.

8Bonsaii DocShred C156-C

amazon buttonThe Bonsaii DocShred C156-C can shred through almost any type of cards thanks to its powerful hard-shredding system. It can also shred to about 8 sheets of A4 paper in a single pass as a result of its patented blading technology. Furthermore, it is equipped with a motor overload protection device and an advanced cooling system to protect both the shredder and its user. If it gets stuck for any reason, its Rev switch will automatically reverse the paper out.

7AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this shredder from AmazonBasics can cut through eight sheets of paper at the same time. Its powerful shredding system turns paper into 1/4-inch strips at a rate of 9.84 per minute. You can use it to destroy ATM receipts, credit-card bills, pay stubs, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and pretty much anything that fits through its entry slot. We should also point out that it uses a very user-friendly control panel for added comfort.

6Fellowes Powershred W-11C

amazon buttonDesigned for light duty shredding, the Powershred W-11C can reduce regular documents to 5/32″ x 2″ shreds in seconds. It is equipped with a 9-inch wide paper entry that accommodates any standard letters or legal size documents. Thanks to its durable steel cutters, it will also cut through credit cards and staples with ease. Also, it features an auto start/stop feature that ensures greater maneuverability when shredding through multiple sheets.

5AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper

amazon buttonThis high-security micro-cut shredder has a 12-sheet capacity and a large wastebasket to go with it. It will shred paper into tiny 5/32 x 15/32 pieces at a rate of 6 sheet per minute due to its high-capacity entry slot. Equipped with auto start and manual reverse systems to prevent paper jams, this powerful shredder will do the job of two smaller shredders at the same time. Like we said, it has a pretty large wastebasket of a 6.7-gallon capacity and a thermal protection with auto shut-off for greater security.

4Fellowes 99Ci

amazon buttonThe 99Ci from Fellowes is a 100% jam proof shredder that eliminates paper jams through a variety of sensors and ingenious technologies. It will also stop the shredder whenever a person’s hand touches the paper opening thanks to its SafeSense technology designed to detect shifts in temperature. The 99Ci is also extremely quite due to its SilentShred feature, a lot quieter than traditional shredders for instance. It also has to be said that it can accommodate 18 sheets of paper per pass, which is quite a lot.

3AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper

amazon buttonUnlike the shredders we talked about so far, the 12-Sheet Cross-Cut from AmazonBasics doesn’t cut paper in a traditional fashion. Instead, this fast-paced shredders uses a cross-cut technique that better hides sensible information post-shredding. As for its standard features, it has a 12-sheet capacity and can destroy credit cards, Cds, DVDs, and paper clips as well. Thanks to its auto start and manual reverse capabilities, it can prevent paper jams from occurring, even when dealing with multiple sheets.

2Fellowes 79Ci

amazon buttonThe 79Ci from Fellowes is the 99Ci’s more popular brother, in the sense that it features pretty much the same technologies. Like the 99Ci, the 79Ci also features a 100% jam proof system that eliminates paper jams almost completely, a SilentShred feature, and the SafeSense technology that makes Fellowes shredders so popular. Capable of accommodating 16 sheets of paper per pass, the 79Ci will shred almost anything it can fit through its entry slot into small 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ shreds.

1AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Paper and Credit Card Shredder

amazon buttonAmazonBasics is known for making some pretty high-tech shredders, yet this isn’t why the 6-Sheet Cross-Cut is so popular. The main reason why people seem to prefer this particular shredder is definitely the price. Equipped with roughly the same technologies as its more expensive counterparts, this shredder does exactly what’s expected of it at less than half the price.

Speaking of technologies, it too features standard technologies like an auto start and manual reverse system for paper jams, a cross-cut system for thorough shredding, and the capacity to accommodate multiple sheets of paper.