Top 10 Best Skin Lightening Soaps of 2017 – Reviews


They may not admit it, but most women dream of having a fair skin and will go to extreme lengths to get it. While some women are born with it, others have to pursue fair skin through various routes, including plastic surgery, makeup, or strangely enough, soap. Yes, there is a type of soap that can make your skin lighter, yet each over the counter skin lightening soap is intended for a specific skin tone and complexion.

If you’re looking for a skin lightening soap that will show signs of working on almost any type of skin, then you might have your work cut out for you given how many they are. Alternatively, you could check out our list of the ten best skin lightening soaps on the market to help yourself make the right choice.

Best Skin Lightening Soaps Reviews 2017

10Relumins Triple Papaya Kojic Whitening Bar-Professional Spa Soap

amazon buttonThis is a chemical-free natural whitening soap that uses a safe, professional formulated formula to remove any dark spots your skin may have. At the same time, it will remove any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, helping it replace them with new, healthy skin cells that are lighter in color. It also contains Aloe Vera and Kojic Acid, ingredients that are bound to enhance skin repair and rejuvenate the skin as well.

9Original Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap

amazon buttonMade from 100% organic herbs enriched with natural Papaya enzymes, this skin whitening soap poses no danger to your skin in the long run. It also has no strong odor and no ingredients that may cause you any type of discomfort while being extremely efficient at the same time. It works by whitening your skin and keeping it smooth in the process. Furthermore, thanks to its natural ingredients, you won’t have any difficulties buying large doses of it.

8Dr. Woods Bar Soap Skin Lightening English Rose

amazon buttonThis particular soap helps even skin discoloration and clears any skin blemishes while providing you with a nice fragrance at the same time. Thanks to a specially formulated composition, it fades away dark spots while cleaning and nourishing your complexion to a healthy, natural glow. We should also point out that Dr. Woods soaps use only natural ingredients, thus not endangering your skin in any way should you use them consistently.

7Kojie San Skin Lightening Kojic Acid Soap

amazon buttonFormulated to fade away dark spots while nourishing the skin as well, this Kojic Acid soap is likely to offer you the desired effects after just a few days of using it. It does so by lifting layers of dead skin off while exposing the healthy cells underneath the skin. It has to be said, however, that this means it will make you experience some peeling or micro peeling, but then again, this is perfectly normal when using skin lightening products.

6Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/bleaching Soap

amazon buttonBy rejuvenating tired skin, whitening freckles, and removing acne scars, this kojic & glutathione soap will lighten your skin visibly almost instantly. It contains a special blend of extracts intended to nourish the skin naturally while helping your body exfoliate dead skin cells, thus cleansing deeply embedded dirt and removing blackheads. At the same time, it helps lighten skin pigmentation issues like acne scars and age spots anywhere on the body.

5Original RDL Papaya Skin Whitening Soap & Sunscreen

amazon buttonThis Papaya-based soap uses 100% natural ingredients to help your skin lighten up naturally without exposing it to any risks whatsoever. Thanks to its vitamin A, C, and E ingredients, it will also nourish the skin throughout the lightening process. Interestingly enough, this soap also contains active sunscreen ingredients that will protect your skin against harmful UV rays throughout the day.

4Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

amazon buttonKojie san is based on an all-natural kojic acid formula that will lighten dark spots caused by acne, age spots, freckles, and sun-damaged skin. What’s interesting is that Kojic acid is also used when making Malted Rice which stands at the core of Japanese rice wine. This being said, kojic acid isn’t really dangerous in any way, except maybe if used in very heavy doses. Then again, how often can you use a soap anyway?

3Marie France Professional Strength Kojic Soap

amazon buttonBased on a unique formula that combines pure kojic acid and papain, this professional-strength kojic soap will make your skin fairer, even-toned, and bright almost immediately if you use it regularly. It operates by removing dead skin cells thus revealing the healthier cells underneath the skin without causing any damage to the skin overall. Also, unlike most kojic-based soaps on the market, this one has an impressive concentration of kojic acid to ensure its efficiency.

2Kojie San Orange Kojic Whitening Soap

amazon buttonKnown for its skin-lightening properties, Kojie San soap is extremely popular nowadays and understandably so. This soap is designed to even out skin tone while removing any nasty dark spots you may have. At the same time, it will cause any dead skin cells on the outer layers of the skin to fall off, making way for healthier skin cells, thus making your skin lighter in the process. Furthermore, thanks to its natural koji extract ingredients, it will smoothen the skin as well, just like any hydrating soap would.

1Sandalwood Soap with Saffron and Turmeric Extracts – Handmade Herbal Soap

amazon buttonUsing a time-tested combination of Sandalwood Oil, Saffron, and Turmeric, this particular soap is known to provide the desired effect just after a couple of uses. It does so thanks to its three herb combination that work synergistically to lighten skin complexion while fading away any sun-tan and blemishes your skin may have. Not only that but thanks to its Sandal Oil content, it will soothe the skin, making it soft and supple to the touch while preventing pimples and rashes.