Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes of 2017 – Reviews


When it comes to tennis shoes, many people make the mistake of believing that any type of sports shoes will do, when in reality, tennis shoes are designed according to specific requirements. First of all, while most sports gear is designed to provide comfort above everything else, specially designed tennis shoes also have to provide stability in motion and great adherence to the playing surface.

Similar to soccer shoes which have to allow players to change direction at high speed, tennis shoes have to provide players with enough traction and comfort for them over long periods of time. Let us then find out what are the ten best tennis shoes one can buy to improve their game.

10adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Classic Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonDon’t let the word ‘classic’ fool you in any way, these are newly designed tennis shoes that follow the classic model in more ways than one while still improving things like ventilation, adherence, or comfort. For instance, these shoes feature a torsion system that supports your feet while giving the toes and heels extra freedom of movement. At the same time, it has advanced cushioning capacities owed to their ultra-responsive adiprene foam, which also helps with keeping your feet firmly in place to avoid blisters.

9New Balance Men’s MC696 Light Weight Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonThese synthetic tennis shoes from New Balance are designed to provide endurance and durability above all else while still looking after your feet to prevent blisters or any other sort of damage usually resulting from tennis motion. They have synthetic soles and a design that absorbs the midsole while boasting a herringbone outsole for good measure. Lightweight yet strong, these shoes will also offer you an impressive grip on the playing surface.

8adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Team 4 W Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonEquipped with extra cushion from ultra-responsive adiprene plus foam, these shoes will reduce impact to joints and knees by using a shock-absorbing adiprene technology. At the same time, they will allow you to move around the court much faster with the help of their torsion system designed to support your foot while giving your toes and heels the freedom to move. We should also point out that it features a rubber sole that allows you to shift direction while running much more accurately than you would normally expect.

7New Balance Women’s WC696 Lightweight Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonManually crafted, these particular shoes are designed to absorb potential shock to the joints through cleverly designed herringbone outsoles. Speaking of which, these outsoles will also provide you with extra adherence while shifting direction at full speed while protecting your joints against potential injuries. Furthermore, they are surprisingly lightweight given their somewhat bulky design, a lightness which guarantees extra comfort at all times.

6ASICS Women’s Gel Resolution 4 Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonThese extremely popular synthetic and mesh shoes from ASICS are designed to provide comfort for long periods of time, which is why they may appear ‘cheap’ to the untrained eye. We assure you, however, that they feel just like high-end tennis are supposed to feel, especially when using them consistently. Equipped with rubber soles, they will also allow you to change direction quickly without exposing your feet to any potential harm or long-term injuries.

5New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonThanks to a high-impact absorbing design with an S-curve stability technology, these breathable shoes will enable you to spend long periods of time on the court without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever. Speaking of comfort, these particular shoes are designed to provide you with a breathable experience, allowing a much better airflow than most tennis shoes would, for which purpose they are covered in a thin synthetic fabric.

4adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Team 4 Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonThese mesh tennis shoes from Adidas are among the highest standard on the market and we’ll explain why. While most tennis shoes are designed to provide comfort or adherence, these particular shoes will provide you with both. They do so through a synthetic upper with mesh inserts and a lace-up closure that will undoubtedly provide good comfort, a construction that also features adiprene inserts for forefoot propulsion and efficiency at the same time.

3ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoes

amazon buttonIn order to provide good comfort and stability, ASICS designed these particular shoes with a mesh upper that features a Solyte midsole with a rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system that allows you to move around freely. At the same time, they feature memory foam-lined collars and heels to ensure stability in motion along with long-lasting comfort. Not only that, but they have rubber soles intended to give you extra adherence on the court.

2Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Running Shoes

amazon buttonDue to their interesting design, Nike’s Monarch IV Running Shoes are perfect for a variety of indoor/outdoor sports. Their versatility comes from the fact that they boast a leather/synthetic construction with a rubber sole, which when combined with a lightweight phylon midsole with a full-length encapsulated Air-Sole unit will provide you with all the comfort and stability you may require on the tennis court.

1New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoes

amazon buttonThese reliable training shoes from New Balance boast suede uppers with dual-density collars and padded mesh tongues for good measure. When combined with a leather construction and a lace-up closure, they will allow you to experience comfort in motion for long periods of time. It is because of the extraordinary levels of comfort that many people use the MX608V4 as tennis shoes and understandably so. At the end of the day, you do want your experience on the court to be an enjoyable one, don’t you?