Top 10 Best Travel Umbrellas of 2017 – Reviews


When talking about technical outwear, it usually comes down to personal preference most of the time, as strangely as it may sound. While specialized gear will always work as intended if properly built, some products are better by virtue of being either more popular than others, more durable, or both. Interestingly enough, few people take costs into consideration when buying gear designed to protect them when enduring the forces of nature because let’s be honest, you don’t want to sleep under the open sky because you were cheap when buying a tent.

This being said, when it comes down to travel umbrellas, there are more than a few to choose from, and this is because, for the most part, they are cheap and easy to build. Even so, some of them are clearly better than others for various reasons, which is why we put together a list of the ten best travel umbrellas on the market to help you through.

10Repel Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonThanks to a wind-defying 9-rib construction, this travel umbrella from Repel will stand up to powerful gusts of wind without turning inside out at any point. This is a result of its 9 resin reinforced fiberglass ribs that allow greater flexibility than most umbrellas and greater durability as well. Furthermore, this umbrella has a much better water-repellency than most travel umbrellas out there due to the fact that it is coated using a waterproof Dupont Teflon construction.

9Lewis N. Clark Automatic Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonMade using steel and polyester, this fairly large travel umbrella from Lewis N. Clark will withstand virtually any type of abuse coming from above. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it is very unlikely that it’ll get damaged during strong gusts of wind, nor will it get damaged easily when stored. Speaking of which, this umbrella comes with a storage sleeve that is also waterproof and very resistant.

8Procella Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonThis windproof on-the-go umbrella features a fiberglass frame and water repellent fabrics that make it perfect in almost any environment. It is a heavy duty umbrella at its core, meaning that you probably shouldn’t take it with you during daily errands because of how much bulkier it is than regular umbrellas. This being said, if you ever find yourself on the road with rain closing down on you, then this is exactly the type of umbrella you want to have on hand.

7EEZ-Y Double Canopy Wind Resistant Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonThe Double Canopy wind resistant travel umbrella from EEZ-Y is an outstanding travel umbrella in more ways than one. It benefits from a strong premium fiberglass construction that provide it with extra durability in the long run, combined with a stainless steel skeleton that ensures it won’t get rusty at any point. Portable and lightweight, it is also much easier to carry it around and store it away, at least when compared to other travel umbrellas out there.

6LifeTek Travel Umbrella Automatic

amazon buttonDesigned with frequent travelers in mind, this compact, wind-resistant umbrella is designed in a sleek fashion using canopy, micro-weave fabrics, Teflon, and a rubberized comfort grip handle for good measure. Thanks to this micro-weave/Teflon construction, it will repel water and dry off much faster than most umbrellas, without impeding your ability to move freely. At the same time, it also has a hardened steel shaft and 9 steel ribs to provide it with strength and durability.

5Bodyguard Auto Umbrella

amazon buttonAs a result of a special fiber material construction of ultra-high density, Bodyguard’s Auto Umbrella has an amazing waterproof ability, one that allows it to dry off almost instantly. It is also surprisingly lightweight and portable despite its size, which is not something many people take into consideration when shopping for a travel umbrella. We should also point out that it features a very fast auto-open/close mechanism which comes very handy in situations in which rain catches you off guard.

4Arcadia Outdoors Umbrella

amazon buttonThanks to a glide tech coating, this outdoor umbrella from Arcadia wicks water away effortlessly, drying off in just a couple of seconds. Built to last, this umbrella uses stainless steel ribs and fiberglass tips for maximum durability and flexibility when faced with heavy winds. Interestingly enough, this 42″ wide umbrella is just 11″ when closed, making it very easy to store away when traveling.

3Bodyguard Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonAs a general rule, travel umbrellas are supposed to be strong and flexible, yet lightweight at the same time. This is the case with Bodyguard’s travel umbrella, one that uses a strengthened black steel shaft and ribs that were sprayed with anti-corrosion Nickel coating to protect the umbrella against rusting. It also has to be said that it features a fast auto-open/close mechanism that makes this 12″ travel umbrella very easy to operate.

2Crown Coast Umbrellas – Heavy Duty Compact Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonWindproof against winds as fast as 60 MPH, this has to be one of the strongest travel umbrellas ever made. Thanks to a flex memory frame construction, this particular umbrella will fall back to its original shape after getting flipped over, which is very rare as far as umbrellas go. At the same time, it benefits from an automatic system that no only opens the umbrella automatically, but closes it automatically as well. Furthermore, it features a gentle tension spring for easy closing of the telescoping handle, a 100% polyester canopy, a non-absorbent synthetic polymer outer layer, and a stainless steel frame that will not rust.

1Kolumbo Travel Umbrella

amazon buttonOften referred to as ‘the unbreakable’, this travel umbrella will get you through actual storms without withstanding any damage whatsoever. Made with a revolutionary flexible fiberglass frame, this umbrella will revert to its original shape even after getting inverted by 60 MPH winds. As a matter of fact, its combination of fiberglass and stainless steel make it extremely durable and strong, yet very flexible at the same time. Overall, Kolumbo’s Travel Umbrella is one of the best money can buy.