Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves of 2017 – Reviews


The many benefits of weight lifting are well known by now, but the fact that you could use special gear to improve your form isn’t. Yes, newcomers aren’t all aware that you could use a wide diversity of accessories to further the benefits of lifting weights, not to mention the extra protection they offer. Let us focus on weight lifting gloves for instance.

They are designed to improve grip, slow the development of calluses, and prevent a series of injuries that you would otherwise be exposed to. Furthermore, they provide you with improved wrist support, allowing you to increase the time of your lifting sessions while helping you maintain proper form. So here are the ten best weight lifting gloves to consider if you’re thinking about getting a pair of your own.

10Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Support – Nordic Lifting

amazon buttonCrafted from premium quality leather and reinforced stitching, these are some of the most resistant weight lifting gloves out there. They feature strategically padded palms for better grip and comfort, along with integrated 12-inch wrist wraps for added support while lifting. It’s also worth mentioning that they do not ‘bleed’ from the dye inside due to the balanced coloring used when making them.

9Ixion Gear – Best Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit or Workout

amazon buttonSuitable for both men and women, these comfortable gloves from Ixion Gear offer an integrated, comfortable wrist wrap for extra support when lifting weights. Most weight lifting gloves have it these days, but few other gloves do so while prividing you with good protection at the same time. You see, these gloves are designed to hold up to wear and tear at the gym, no matter if you’re lifting weights or doing any other sort of workout, mainly due to their resistant stitching.

8Crown Gear – Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit Workout Training

amazon buttonDesigned for good grip above all else, these gloves will improve your weight lifting experience in a timely fashion, especially if you’ve been using cheap, standard weight lifting gloves or none whatsoever. By improving grip, these gloves reduce sweat transmission while minimizing calluses, greatly increasing your weight lifting potential. As you would expect, they also have a padded palm aimed at reducing the discomfort of holding the weight bar for long periods of time.

7Product Stop – Best Fingerless Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support

amazon buttonAlthough designed with weight lifting in mind, these particular weight lifting gloves are designed to accommodate a wide variety of exercises. People have been known to use them for fitness exercising, MMA fighting, boxing, and even paintball or at the shooting range. This is mainly due to their resistant construction and strong stitching that allows them to endure a lot more abuse than regular weight lifting gloves while providing the same quality.

6Ixion Gear – Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit or Workout

amazon buttonThese gloves have all the qualities most people need when lifting weights. Above all else, they are well-built, the wrist-wrap is almost perfect, and the padding of the palms protects them against calluses or any other form of damage resulted from working out. Another great thing about these gloves is how versatile they are as far as fitting goes. For instance, they are so flexible and accommodating, that they’ll fit hands of different sizes with ease.

5Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves

amazon buttonThese wrist wrap weight lifting gloves from Meister come with a long wrist strap that you can use to provide better support for your wrists. They also have a secondary wrist strap that helps you stabilize even further as your hand moves. The interesting part is the gel padding, however. Ideally positioned, their gel padding provides great cushioning while using a variety of weights or workout machines.

4Crown Gear – Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit Workout Training

amazon buttonThanks to 3D molding, these gloves are snug and comfortable while providing an extensive amount of protection for the hands and wrists. They also boast reinforced protection at all the key points of the hand, including the knuckles, the sides, and the palms. They also come with a complete wrist wrap to provide integrated wrist support, as their anti-slip gel printing improves overall grip safety.

3Mava Sports – Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

amazon buttonMade from neoprene and reinforced with split leather and a silicone layer, these particular gloves provide some of the best palm padding possible. They are specially designed to ease weight lifting exercises by providing superior support and protection while giving you a very secure grip. They also feature thoughtfully engineered Velcro closure straps to help you adjust your wrist wraps any way you wish?while anti-sweat neoprene keeps your hands dry at all times.

2Crown Gear – Dominator Weightlifting Gloves for Gym Fitness Bodybuilding

amazon buttonCrown Gear had grip in mind when designing these particular gloves, but this doesn’t take anything away from their overall resistance to wear and tear. Made from soft leather with strategic padding and an overall resistant stitching, these gloves boast unbeatable grip enhancement capabilities, which might explain why they’re so popular to begin with. Also, they have a multi-directional stretching & comfort EZ Pull-off system for easy removal for added comfort.

1Nordic Lifting – Weight Lifting Gloves With Wrist Support

amazon buttonCrafted from premium quality leather and reinforced stitching, these gloves feature strategically padded palms for extra comfort and grip while ensuring that you won’t have any issues whatsoever with the wetness associated with lifting weights. This is because they are designed to keep your hands dry at all times?while their integrated wrist wraps provide more than enough support for your weight lifting needs. Overall, these flexible yet highly resistant weight lifting gloves from Nordic Lifting are some of the best money can buy.