Top 10 Best Wifi Range Extenders of 2017 – Reviews


There are many ways to improve Wi-Fi speed and reliability at home or at the workplace, methods that usually involve buying another router or using an ethernet network. While relatively efficient, neither of these methods is guaranteed to help you with your Wi-Fi strength all that much, especially if you want it done without spreading cables everywhere. Instead, the best guaranteed way of improving Wi-Fi speed is by using a Wi-Fi Range Extender.

These devices piggyback on your Wi-Fi connection before rebroadcasting it at an increased signal strength. This way, you will benefit from a much broader Wi-Fi coverage without investing into any unnecessary equipment or upgrades. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best Wifi Range Extenders the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Motoraux Wireless-N Wi-Fi Range Extender

amazon buttonThis new generation Wi-Fi Range Extender from Motoraux may be compatible with just 2.4GHz routers, but it supports Router Mode, Ap Mode, Repeater Mode, and much more. Much smaller than other range extenders, this universal device can provide 300Mbps wireless data rates, which makes it perfect for virtually any multimedia operations. We should also point out that it comes equipped with signal lamps that indicate signal strength, a convenient mode switch, and a detachable plug.

9Netgear AC750 Wi-Fi Dual-Band Range Extender

amazon buttonNetgear’s AC750 Range Extender is a dual-band Wi-Fi extender that can route signal to speeds up to 750Mbps. It does so with the help of two external antennas that guarantee its performance, which when combined with its convenient wall-plug design add up to its ergonomic nature. Ideal for HD streaming & gaming, it also features a 10/100 Ethernet port for greater accessibility along with the ability to either connecting to an existing Wi-Fi connection or creating a new AC access point.

8D-Link DAP-1520 IEEE 802.11n 750 Mbps Wireless Range Extender

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this particular range extender will route signal up to 750Mbps, which makes it perfect for HD streaming, gaming, or high-speed downloading. It also supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz routers along with 802.11n/g/a backward compatibility. At the same time, it features WPA2/WPA wireless encryption capabilities to keep your connection secure at all times, along with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup for a secure setup just by pressing a button.

7Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender Dual Band Gigabit

amazon buttonEquipped with dual band capabilities that can boost Wi-Fi signal up to 1200Mbps, this is definitely among the most powerful Range Extenders on the market. It also supports both 802.11ac & b/g/n Wi-Fi devices, which makes it pretty versatile overall. Furthermore, it features two external antennas that increase its overall strength quite a bit, along with the ability to connect a wired device to it at any given time.

6Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit

amazon buttonThis high-end dual Band Wi-fi Range Extender from Netgear will route signal up to 1900Mbps with a coverage of up to 10,000 square feet. It also features a dual-core 1 GHz processor that maximizes Wi-Fi performance overall, and a 700mW high-powered design that ensures signal fidelity over long distances. Not only that, but it has 5 x Gigabit ports for connecting wired devices like smart TVs and consoles, USV 3.0 ports for stored media, and a DLNA server for greater accessibility.

5NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender

amazon buttonThis particular range extender requires no CD or Ethernet cable pre-configuration to get it up and running, just a Push ‘N’ Connect interface that is very easy to use. Once running, it can boost dual-band Wi-Fi at impressive speeds for up to 4 devices at the same time. We should also point out that it is designed to reduce 3G/4G mobile data plan charges by providing fast WiFi for any portable devices you may have.

4NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender – Wall Plug Version

amazon buttonDesigned to extend wireless coverage for a broad range of WiFi routers, this range extender can connect to iPads, Smartphones, virtually any type of tablet, and pretty much all type of portable devices with WiFi support. It also requires no installation software whatsoever, making it easier for you to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it can drastically improve the range & speed of your existing N300 WiFi network if you have one already.

3NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

amazon buttonBoasting a futuristic design, this particular Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender bundle from Netgear provides you with everything you need to set up a WiFi network literally anywhere. No matter how large the building is or how far apart the devices are from one another, this combination between one of Netgear’s strongest Wi-Fi Routers and one of their strongest Range Extenders is bound to offer you the WiFi support you need.

2Securifi Almond – Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender

amazon buttonCleverly designed, this wireless router/range extender comes with a touchscreen to ensure greater accessibility and ease of use. The great thing about it is that you don’t really need a PC or a MAC to get it running, you just plug it in and then set its parameters up via its built-in touchscreen. It is also a multi-purpose device by design, allowing you to use it as a primary router, a range extender, or as a wireless bridge.

1NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition

amazon buttonSimilar to the standard wall-plug version in almost every way, Netgear’s N300 Essentials Edition has proven time and time again to be the best Wi-Fi range extender for personal use. While there are more than a handful range extenders out there that might out-perform the N300 in terms of signal strength, they are mostly professional tools, therefore much more expensive. This particular range extender, on the other hand, is very affordable and easy to setup. At the same time, it can provide you with 300MBps speeds along with the ability to connect to wired devices of any kind via a fast Ethernet port.