Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines of 2017 – Reviews


Regardless of whether you’re a professional, a handyman, or if you’re simply trying to get some basic electrical work done around the house, a wire stripping machine can come in very handy. These machines are designed to process cables of almost any thickness as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, removing the need to use handheld tools that are either difficult to operate, incapable of dealing with thick wires, or not good enough for the job at hand.

Either way, a wire stripping machine will undoubtedly prove to be a good investment in the long run, yet you have to get the right one. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best wire stripping machines on the market right now, wire stripping machines that in our opinion are bound to meet your wire stripping needs and then some.

10CopperMine Powered Copper Wire Stripping Machine

amazon buttonThis highly complex and versatile wire stripping machine features adjustable wire clamps that prevent soft and thin wires from slipping away from the blade by holding down the wire firmly. Speaking of blades, this machine benefits from a quick blade change system that allows you to simply push out the shaft for the blade to come off. Furthermore, it has a microprocessor control that adapts to all sort of wires automatically and an adjustable speed system for greater convenience.

9SDT WRM35 Manual Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine

amazon buttonThis particular wire stripping machine from Steel Dragon Tools is designed to adapt to wires of almost any thickness thanks to its 10 cutting channels. Due to its 10 cutting channels, it also has 10 cutting blades, each designed to splice a differently-sized wire. We should also point out that it features an industrial heavy duty frame that makes it weight 46 lbs, which provides you with great stability in durability in the long run.

8STP 1000# Wire Stripper Tool Machine

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this is a wire stripping machine that you can take with you anywhere you need it. This handy and durable machine is ideal for removing hard plastic or rubber coating from undamaged scrap wire, as we all know how important copper wire is these days. If possible, you might want to harness this particular machine to a stabilized bench clamp, because due to its compact size and portable nature, it might not provide the same stability as stand-alone wire stripping machines.

7Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper

amazon buttonUsing an ingenious system that allows you to turn a crank arm instead of pulling the wire, this copper wire stripper is bound to make wire stripping jobs much easier. Made from CNC machined aluminum, this wire stripping machine is very sturdy and durable, although it weights a little over 2 lbs. Speaking of durability, the machine is also equipped with a durable blade that can be easily replaced in less than 10 minutes.

6StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

amazon buttonWhile most wire stripping machines people are using these days are simple devices operated manually, this particular machine is fully automated. This industrial grade automatic wire stripper can process wires of virtually all sizes between 14 gauge wires to 250 MCM, including ROMEX and braided wires. Interestingly enough, it also has a built-in Romex slot that will undoubtedly save you a lot of time overall.

5WL-100 Manual Wire Stripping Machine Copper Stripper

amazon buttonLike we said, most wire stripping machines are manual and this is the perfect example of a manual stripping machine that does its job well. The WL-100 wire stripper looks simplistic and robust, yet the stripping quality you can expect from it is exemplary. Adaptable and adjustable, this machine can be fitted to process wires ranging from 24AWG to 7/8″ via a hand wingnut. It also comes with two blades that you can easily put in and take out of the machine in just a few minutes if needed.

4CopperMine Manual Crank & Drill Operated Copper Wire Stripping Machine

amazon buttonEquipped with adjustable wire clamps to prevent thin and soft wires from escaping the blade, you will never have to worry about the wires slipping out during the stripping process. It also features a close cut wire guide that brings smaller wires close to the blade for a more accurate cut. It also has to be said that this wire stripping machine can process wires from 18 AWG to 1250 kcm whether they’re solid or stranded.

3SDT WRA15 Automatic Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine

amazon buttonThis is one of the most affordable automatic wire stripping machines on the market right now, yet one of the most capable at the same time. As far as mounting goes, it mounts easily on any bench or workstation due to its high-quality lightweight aluminum construction, unlike traditional wire stripping machines that require specially designed mounting tables. It can also be easily connected to a drill for automatic wire stripping, while giving you the opportunity to use a handle if you choose to strip the wire manually instead.

2Handheld Copper Wire Stripper Tool

amazon buttonWe talked about compact wire stripping machines, but none of them is more compact and maneuverable as this one. This particular wire stripping tool uses low-cost blades that you can easily change anytime you wish, a process that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Like we said, it is also very compact and lightweight, so small in fact that you can fit it inside of a pocket. Even so, it is a highly capable wire stripper, able to strip all types of wires from 24 AWG to 3/64.

1Copper Mine Tools Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine

amazon buttonEquipped with an output limiter that separates the copper and jacket while pulling the wire in a single stroke, this wire stripping machine operates at almost twice the speed of standard wire strippers. It also features an input guide that gets the wire straightened and aligned automatically before entering the machine to be processed. Last but not least, it features an EZ start cutter designed to get the copper out quickly after the insulation is removed.