Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs of 2017 – Reviews


The health benefits of doing Yoga are well-known by now and it appears that more and more people each year pick up the practice regardless of age or culture. The beautiful thing about Yoga is that it’s not like any other form of exercising where you must push yourself to your limits through intense workout sessions that will tire you to the point of exhaustion.

Yoga exercises are all about helping you find balance via stretching and meditating, which is why it’s so popular to begin with. So let us then find out what the ten best Yoga DVDs are, so you can go ahead and find out all about the many benefits of Yoga exercising yourself.

10Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond3

amazon buttonIt would only be fair to start with a Yoga DVD intended for beginners to start things off and this particular DVD contains everything you need to know and then some. It features Yoga-inspired stretch routines that although were intended for beginners, can be developed into more advanced forms of exercising. These exercises will help you develop a strong foundation of total body strength, stamina, and flexibility.

9Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice

amazon buttonThis DVD contains the first series of Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson. He delivers the basic principles in a clear fashion by introducing you slowly into it as friendly as possible. The beautiful thing about this particular DVD is that it features varying degrees of exercising for you to choose from, depending on your level at the time. At the end of the session, you will be guided into a small deep relaxation session to help you find inner balance.

8Power Yoga for Every Body

amazon buttonThe routines contained on this DVD include AM and PM practices, relaxation, increased flexibility, strength & balance building practices, stress relief, and much more. There are more than 20 such routines, more than almost any other Yoga DVD out there, but this doesn’t mean that each routine isn’t explained thoroughly. Quite the contrary, the routines on this DVD are some of the most transparent and easy to learn among all Yoga DVDs on the market.

7Yoga Sweat Yoga DVD for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen

amazon buttonThis DVD contains 80 minutes of Julie Schoen teaching you about the benefits of Yoga and how you can use it to lose weight in a healthy manner. These exercises will help you burn calories and tone your body by focusing on each part of your body that needs stretching and pulling. By doing so, you will also develop a much bigger flexibility and balance. Afterward, you will find yourself brimming with confidence like never before, because then again, that’s what Yoga is all about.

6Erin Buchanan’s Fitness DVD

amazon buttonThis particular DVD contains all the workout exercises one can need to tone muscles and strengthen each limb individually. It features pilates, HIIT, Yoga, and cardiovascular training practices that you can use to better yourself physically and mentally. It will also help you lose weight without having to go through the hassle of lifting weights or putting in hours upon hours of tiresome physical exercises.

5Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief with Kanta Barrios

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this DVD explores all the ways that Yoga can help you with back pain, providing you with great stress relief in the process. This DVD features Yoga instructor Kanta Barrios who will try to help you focus on exercises that strengthen and release tension in muscles that are known to cause back problems, thus causing chronic pain. This way, you can heal your back without paying a fortune of back pain killers or other drugs.

4A.M. Yoga for Your Week

amazon buttonThis DVD includes 20-minute focused morning routines that are workout appropriate for all skill levels. The sheer variety of these exercises enables you to choose the exercises that you feel are best suited for your individual needs. It also contains a short guide on how to meditate via deep breathing and slow stretching, a form of meditation that will help you achieve inner balance without working your heart out.

3XTFMAX: Find Your Shape

amazon buttonThis DVD pack contains all the healthy exercises a woman should be doing in order to keep herself fit and healthy. Each of these 12 workout routines is designed to shred fat and build long lean muscle over surprisingly short periods of time. Interestingly enough, each workout demonstrated 4 different workout levels to help you better understand the nature of each exercise regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a fitness freak.

2Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners

amazon buttonThe reason we’ve put this so high up isn’t because of the complexity of these exercises but because of how friendly the experience feels, thanks mainly to Rodney Yee. In all fairness, people who look for these DVDs aren’t necessarily experienced in anything Yoga-related, which is why it’s so great to find something that explains everything thoroughly. This particular DVD contains full yoga workouts for beginners along with all the tips and tricks one needs to know before getting into Yoga.

1Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

amazon buttonGaiam’s Power Yoga Total Body Workout DVD helps you build strength, stamina, and endurance without the risks associated with lifting weights or excessive exercising. Yoga expert Rodney Yee guides you through various yoga exercises aimed at detoxifying heat in your body while helping you build inner and outer strength.

Like you would imagine, it also contains an appropriate amount of explanations for each individual exercise to help beginners get the hang of it as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it has to be said that it contains an hour-long practice with no divided segments to help you keep focus at all times.