Top 10 Best Zoos In The US


Americans have a long tradition of going to the zoo with their families, a tradition that we are pleased to say is alive and well to this day. Other than safaris, zoos provide people with the second best way to see wild animals closely without any relative danger to themselves or the animals. We say this because some safaris do end up with guides hurting the animals that threaten tourists in one way or another, not to mention how dangerous is for the people as well.

At the zoo, we have the privilege of seeing some truly majestic creatures that we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to see first hand in the wild. This being said, some zoos have a wider variety of animals on display and are better maintained that others. So let us find out what the ten best zoos in the US are at this point in time.

9St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo in Missouri is home to more than 600 species of animals and covers 90 acres of land within an already large 1,371-acre park. This zoo stands out for its commitment to sustaining and preserving very good living conditions for all the animals being housed. Among their attractions, they have an 850 lbs male polar bear that lives inside the largest artificial habitat for polar bears in the world, a habitat that cost the zoo $16 million to build.