Top 10 Biggest Earthquakes in History


Few natural disasters are more frightening than earthquakes, and rightfully so considering how much damage they cause every time they hit a populated area, not mentioning the loss of life. Although the recent earthquake in Nepal caused the death of more than 8 thousand people, it was far from being among the strongest ever recorded. Despite humanity’s great technological advancements, there is still very little progress on the front of earthquake prevention, so whatever warning seismologists can give, is usually to late to make a notable difference. This being said, here are the 10 biggest earthquakes ever recorded.

10Assam, Tibet, 1950

The inland 8.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Assam on 15th August 1950 damaged buildings and caused landslides. The earthquake resulted in the deaths of 780 people in Eastern Tibet. The affected areas were scattered across Tibet, China, Assam and India. Oscillations of lake levels were experienced in Norway. The total death toll of the quake is not definitive as no total was ever established. Though the quake is referred to as the Assam earthquake, its epicenter is believed to have been in Tibet.