Top 10 Biggest Freshwater Fish in The World


There’s plenty of fish in the ocean, they say, well there’s plenty of fish pretty much everywhere. At least there should be plenty of it if overfishing wasn’t ruining nature’s ability to repopulate properly, but this is a different story altogether. You see, fish come in all size and while the biggest fish can be found in the ocean, there is plenty of reasonably large freshwater fish as well. Within the next few minutes, we will explore the world’s freshwater biomes in search of the world’s largest freshwater fish. Although not as scary or dangerous as the saltwater fish found in the oceans and seas of the world, freshwater fish can grow pretty big as well.


Found throughout the Mississippi Valley, paddlefish are some of the largest river fish in the world. The paddlefish gets its name from the paddle shaped snout that makes it very distinctive among other large fish. As adults, paddlefish can reach lengths of up to 5 feet and they can weight around 60 pounds or more. Although very large, paddlefish are known to be extremely gentle.